Dharma and LOST Buddhism

According to an article at Metromix, LOST might be more inspired by Buddhist teachings than you would think.

Episodes aired in the fall revealed that the island is an experiment run by a collective known as the Dharma Initiative. Dharma is the word used to describe the collected teachings of the Buddha.

Other possible connections to Buddhism have also been seen in recent episodes:

The computer that must be tended to every 108 minutes may be a reference to the 108-bead string, or mala, that some Buddhist practitioners use during meditation.

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22 Responses to Dharma and LOST Buddhism

  1. Quigley says:

    Yes. Lost is a Creation Myth. See Quigley in Exile

  2. Cihan says:

    Makes it even more of a TV version of The Matrix trilogy in a way. It shares alot of qualities, not just the Buddhist connections, but also the obsessed fans delving deep into every frame of every episode formulating theories on whats going on, the website tie-ins that shed background information on the mythology of the story, and the melding of spirituality and science. Its all good…

  3. craig says:

    yes in one episode, you can see a list of buddhist teachings, for example, everything changes, and we are the cause of our own suffering, and of course the darmha reference..

  4. Didier says:

    In the episode “Tricia Tanaka is dead” the opening song and the song in the hippie van when it starts is “Shambala”. This is also a buddhist concept or tradition, if I’m not mistaken.

  5. Nick says:

    In the episode ‘Not in Portland’ we see Karl (Alex’ boyfriend) being brainwashed by the Others. He’s is watching a freaky tape and if you play that tape backwards you’ll hear a female voice repeatingly say: ‘only fools are enslaved by time and space’. A possible reference to Buddhist theories of time and space? Google it, so you can hear for yourself!

  6. SpinPapi says:

    Yes, they are using Buddhist ideas widely in the show. But what’s interesting about it is how while the Others don’t seem quite as bad as we thought they were at first, they DO seem to be squeezing their Buddhism through quite a warp field as they go. Where in Buddhist teachings does it say to learn via Clockwork Orange style visual force, for example?

    Of course, there is a split in the Others, so perhaps some of them disagree with this, and with other goings on, and a conflict will arise soon. Should be interesting to see in the coming weeks.

  7. Jef Bray says:

    The scene from John Locke’s distant past when he is a boy features an age-less Richard (of The Others) presenting him with selections of different objects, testing him to choose which one “already belonged” to him. Is this not similar to methods employed to find the Dalai Lama’s successor/next reincarnation?

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  14. bob says:

    oh yeah and the wheel that you turn to move the island is the same as the buddhist symbol

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