Did Kate name Sawyer?

As I watched the two LOST pilot episodes I noticed something. I’ve been searching some forums and even tried google-ing it but have not been able to find an answer…

In Pilot part 2, when the losties are walking in the jungle and get attacked by the polar bear, Sawyer doesn’t run so Kate stops and screams “Sawyer!”. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Sawyer never revealed his name before that moment, so how could Kate know what he was called?

The possibility that he revealed his name but that the writers simply didn’t include it in the script exists, but the whole thing just feels a bit strange.

Any thoughts on this?

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24 Responses to Did Kate name Sawyer?

  1. Muffy says:

    Many of them never said their names on screen. Jack knew Hurley’s name but we never saw him introduce himself. At least I didn’t catch it. I admit I was pretty tired when watching it in the last hour, though, as I have a 3 month old and a 3 yr old. ;)

  2. Cecilia says:

    I tend to agree with the last poster, I don’t know if it’s really significant, many of the characters weren’t officially introduced “Hi, I’m ___” but I guess we are to assume.

    I’m not sure what you mean by she “named” him, Andreas, could you explain that? As the plot went (so Sawyer says), he named himself after the original confidence man that ruined his life, made his dad kill his mom and then commit suicide. Since it wasn’t the guy who ran the shrimp stand, that man has yet to be introduced, and there’s been a lot of speculation that it is one of the fathers of the other characters, including possibly Locke’s fake dad (the swindler who gets him to give up a kidney). I think that jury is still out.

    But it remains an interesting theme. Think about how many characters we know have had serious unresolved “father issues” so far:

    Jack – alcoholic dad never gave him credit because of his idealism, then gets turned in by his son and never forgives him before dying

    Kate – dad in the army, missing from her life, allows her and her mom to get abused by stepdad (who she eventually kills)

    Locke – real dad never introduced, lifelong search to find him due to a void in his life; finally finds someone he thinks is him, and he was just there to steal his organs and abandon him

    Sawyer – dad is abusive, and then kills his mom out of jealousy and then himself

    Sun – dad is a mob boss who, unbeknownst to her, is making her husband into a criminal and murderer and tearing their marriage apart

    Jin – ashamed of his own father and roots from a small fishing village, has only recently reconciled with this

    Walt – parents divorced at young age, and is only just getting to know him after years of losing touch, obvious friction from Michael’s strict parenting styles

    …and those are just the stories we know about so far. Charlie appears to also have a father story there, and appeared to have been close with his mother while being scared of his father in flashback episodes, though they never explain why.

  3. Andreas says:

    Cecilia, what I meant by the title of the post was that it could be possible that Kate either knows Sawyer’s “name” from before (remember, Sawyer was seen at Kate’s mom’s diner in a recent episode) or maybe she just found the name fitting at the moment and Sawyer played along. Though I’ll admit that that would be highly unlikely, if not even proven wrong by Sawyer’s flashbacks. I just found the scene a bit odd.

    I couldn’t come up with a good name for the post so I whent with something that sounded interesting. I will try to be more descriptive in the future.

    The “father issues” are very interesting and I believe they have a deeper meaning to the story. Personally I feel that it is quite possible, if not even probable, that the man who stole Locke’s kidney is the original Sawyer. But that does not rule out that he actually is Locke’s real father too, which I believe he is.

    I thought Kate’s real father was the man she killed and that the army officer was her step dad, who nevertheless treated Kate very much like if she was his own daughter. Maybe I’m wrong. Can someone confirm or deny?

  4. Cecilia says:

    Andi–Oh, sorry about that! Now I understand what you are saying, more like Did Kate recognize Sawyer’s name from before…
    Who knows, that’s a possibility, given her shady past… with her mom being a single mom who has already shown herself to have questionable taste in men…

    On whether Locke’s father and Kate’s “father” were their biological dads… you may be right and I goofed on that one. Haven’t seen those episodes in a while, doing it from memory, which as we all know from the show, can play tricks on us! I am pretty sure you are right on both, maybe someone else can comment here.

  5. Matt says:

    yeah kate’s real dad is the army dude, Sam Austen. And Locke’s real dad is that ghuy who stole his kidney, based on what his mother who helped out on the con said in the hospital

  6. Ehsan says:

    Andreas, your theory is actually a very good one. Keep in mind that in the latest “Sawyer-centric” episode, when Sawyer is meeting his scumbag boss in a diner, its the diner where KATE’S mom works!! She’s actually their waittress and refills their coffee for them, its only a split second, but its her. That means in the “real” world, Sawyer was at one time in very close proximity to Kate.

  7. max says:

    kate’s real dad is not the army dude. it’s the guy she thought was her step-dad, the one she blew up.

  8. Maria says:

    Hi – I’m new here glad to read some good stuff on this site. I’ll start by saying that Kate killed her real dad and loved her step dad. Strange? Okay Kate’s mom had an affair with Kate’s real dad, the army dude was Kate’s stepfather…Does this makes sense to anyone?

  9. Tom says:

    im doing this from memory but havent people called sawyer “sawyer” in flashbacks?

  10. Andreas says:

    Tom, I’m pretty sure you are right about people calling Sawyer “Sawyer” in flashbacks, but still.. is it possible that Kate knew his name? We know that Sawyer was at Diane’s diner (Kate’s mom), so I wouldn’t count it out.

  11. SmileyMe says:

    Kate’s real dad is the one she killed, she found out shortly before she killed him, and killed him because she couldn’t stand that he was a part of her. The man who stole Locke’s kidney is not his real father, his ‘mother’ (we still don’t know if she was in fact his mother) was in on the con and told Locke that he was his father (she explained this after the ‘father’ was out of the picture.

  12. Casyo says:

    The man who stole Locke’s kidney probably is Locke’s father or at least one of his relatives, otherwise the kidney transplantation could fail. He can be for example Locke’s mother’s brother or something like that.

  13. lewii says:

    [quote comment=”288″]yeah kate’s real dad is the army dude, Sam Austen. And Locke’s real dad is that ghuy who stole his kidney, based on what his mother who helped out on the con said in the hospital[/quo

  14. lewii says:

    how do you guys know all this are you like obbsessed???? well i know i am !!!!

  15. lewii says:

    [quote comment=”401″]im doing this from memory but havent people called sawyer “sawyer” in flashbacks?[/quote]
    i think they have

  16. tracy says:

    I am new to this! I have a theory, and am not sure if it’s been discussed. All of the survivors are in an institution, Locke is the Doctor. All of this is happening in their minds in a group study at the hospital. Far fetched, huh?

  17. Cedric says:

    [quote comment=”1983″]I am new to this! I have a theory, and am not sure if it’s been discussed. All of the survivors are in an institution, Locke is the Doctor. All of this is happening in their minds in a group study at the hospital. Far fetched, huh?[/quote]
    I hope it is not ! I hate this kind of story! I want real story and real action… Not doing all this searchs for nothing!

  18. Sara says:

    Neither. She definately didn’t name him, because he named himself that because he turned into the man that killed his father and mother and his name was “Sawyer”. Kate had nothing to do with that.

    I agree with all others, hardly anyone, except Jack, was introduced on-screen. I am assuming that the writers expecting us to understand that they probably introduced eachother while not in a scene. Because obviously the character’s must have live’s off of the screen (i.e when they are filming Kate and Sawyer that does not mean that Jack and Hurley and Charlie no longer exist, that just means they are not being filmed), therefore we are to assume that they intruced eachother when we have not seen.

  19. Scott says:

    Is Kate’s Dad also the on that was in the hatch with Desmond?

  20. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”15758″]Is Kate’s Dad also the on that was in the hatch with Desmond?[/quote]

    Nope, the man in the hatch, Kelvin, is not Kate’s father. Kate killed her real father and her adoptive father served in Iraq with Kelvin.

  21. Leslie says:

    I agree with Casyo that Locke’s father really is his father. They sought him out because the father needed a compatible donor.

    In Season 1, I seem to recall Sawyer hinting several times that he knew something Kate’s background. But then maybe that was because he had observed her “in custody” while on the plane.

    I don’t know if I buy that all these people are really in an institution, but I think they are all connected somehow, and they were all brought to the island for a reason.

  22. LBK says:

    I believe…that Kate was in Australia to begin with…on the behalf of Cassidy. To track Sawyer down, as payback for Cassidy helping her with her Mom in Iowa.

    I think that all that we are seeing with Kate and Sawyer (and Im a skater so this particulary fascinates me) is the ULTIMATE long con on her part.

    As Duckett told Sawyer…

    ” It’ll all come back around.”

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