LOST Flickr Pool

There is a pretty cool collection of photos and screenshots from LOST episodes over at Flickr.

The LOST – the series pool contains a large number of screenshots of strange things seen on LOST, including shots from the promo for the next episode so if you don’t watch the promos you might want to skip this link. Otherwise this ever growing collection is a great resource for all the conspiracy theorists out there.

Get LOST in the picture pool.

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2 Responses to LOST Flickr Pool

  1. Emile Newchurch says:

    I like the show, but I am getting sick of the ratings games that the network is playing. No new episodes during the Christmas or New Years weeks and now they refuse to compete with the Olympics by showing the Pilot episode. The new shows are getting lame. They whet the appetite with possible new info and then string it out with no new anything. They let the timer run down, no just to reveal some goofy symbols, whoopie. Sayed beats the crap out of an apparent “other” only to find out that the guys wife died of sickness, whoopie. Also Sawyer is capable of crushing a small tree frog with his bare hands, whoopie. I hope that the next new show, whenever they feel they can compete with another network, is better than the last few.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Emilie: I agree on the ratings game, I can’t wait the next new episode. I did like the last episode about Sayid, I found it pretty interesting as far as character development, though I thought the Sawyer side story with the frog was probably a waste of time. I do feel it is interesting when they introduce a new character, because it’s a new X factor.

    Andreas: Nice find with the pics there, I’ve seen some of them but that’s the biggest collection I’ve seen together. There’s been some notice about a large number of backwards shot footage that people have pointed out. When I first had some of it pointed out to me, I also thought that it must be just an editing mistake. The more that I see, however, the more I think that it is just too much to be accidental. That, along with sound plays on the backwards & forwards theme–Walt’s whispers to Shannon (make no sense forward; played backwards sound like “Don’t push the button, the button’s bad”) and Locke’s dream:

    “Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs”

    Not entirely sure on the meaning yet. I have heard that they may suggest the fluidity of time as pertaining to memories or dreams.

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