Official Lost Podcast March 20th 2006

A new official LOST podcast is now online.

Exeutive Producer Bryan Burk recounts casting the pilot, as well as discussing the post-production process on the show and Executive Producers Damon Lindleof and Carlton Cuse discuss the upcoming episode, “The Whole Truth” (Airing Wed., March 22nd from 9:00-10:00pm on ABC).

Listen to the Official LOST Podcast

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3 Responses to Official Lost Podcast March 20th 2006

  1. Cecilia says:

    All I can say is BYE BYE zombie theories… YAY! :D

    Additional important confirmations/refutings, if you don’t want to sludge through the whole podcast:

    1) Walt talking backwards: real & intentional.

    2) Backwards-shot scenes: error & UNintentional.

    3) Not all characters were cast after they were written (more details in DVD commentary D7)

    4) We may learn more about Henry in next episode.

    5) They are no longer living at the caves.

    6) They pick the STUPIDEST questions to answer on the podcasts. :D The caves question was ok, but who cares about tarps? And who thought Walt was a “real” missing child on the milk carton–duh, I thought this was obvious that they meant it to be part of Hurley’s subconscious mind’s conjurings in his dreams. I just had to rant there, but I didn’t realise that point needed clarification!

    7) We’re going to find out another secret Sun’s been keeping, aside from knowing English (again, I thought this was obvious from the preview).

    8) TPTB shoots year-round, so they’re in effect saying “keep your pants on, people, we’re trying as hard as we can not to have re-runs”.

    That is all.

  2. Telmo says:

    this is the best serie of the world that I say. I’m from portugal and i like very lost…realy.

  3. 007 says:

    Does anybody know when the second season is coming out on DVD, like approximately the month.

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