The Whole Truth

After weeks of reruns, we finaly start getting new LOST episodes tonight. The episode is called “The Whole Truth” and this is the official description:


Sun wrestles with the thought of telling Jin a newfound secret that threatens to upset the entire balance of the survivors’ community. Meanwhile, Locke enlists Ana Lucia to interrogate the prisoner in order to extract more information than he, Jack or Sayid could.

Update: These are my thoughts on the episode “The Whole Truth”:

This LOST episode has two plot lines. We have the story about Sun and her possible pregnancy and we also get to spend a bit more time with the lovable Henry Gale.

Is Sun pregnant, and if so, was she lying to Jin when she said that she had never been with another man, or is her pregnancy a “miracle”? We know that Dharma are very interested in Claire’s baby, Aaron. Could they be involved in Sun’s mysterious pregnancy?

The text on the Sun’s pregnancy test clearly says “Widmore Labs”. This is very interesting because Damon and Carlton confirmed in an old official LOST podcast that a sign on Battersea Powerstation, which can be seen in the background in the episode “Fire+Water”, was supposed to have the words “Widmore Construction” on it (even if it could not be seen even on HDTV). If I’m not mistaken, they also said that this company would play a role in future episodes.

This leads us to the question of how the pregnancy test got to the island. Was it brought by one of the passengers or could it have been strategically placed on the island by Dharma or Widmore?

Either way, I believe it’s time for The Dharma Initiative and The Hanso Foundation to let Widmore in to the club of mysterious companies and foundations. We will probably learn more about them in future episodes of LOST.

In this episode, Locke has clearly decided that he does not need to ask Jack for permission before he does anything, and shows so by letting Ana-Lucia interrogate everyone’s favorite hate object – Henry Gale.

After a bit of talking, Henry agrees to draw a map to his balloon and Ana-Lucia decides to check if the balloon really exists. Together with Sayid and Charlie, she goes of into the jungle.

In an effort to make people like him, Henry later tells Jack and Locke what could happen to the losties who went looking for his balloon… IF he was an Other.. which he isn’t.. or is he?

The suspense is incredible, but we will have to wait until the next LOST episode to find out if there is any truth to Henry’s stories.

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25 Responses to The Whole Truth

  1. 007 says:

    Okay, my theory is that Henry Gale is one of the others and Sayid, Charlie, and Ana Lucia will end up finding the balloon because he really did crash. But he’s still one of the others.

  2. the_dude says:

    The episode was okay tonight. I know that there are lots of plot lines to juggle, and it is a hell of a production schedule, but how can other shows like 24 still be able to crank out a new episode every week? And we have to wait for every third episode. And they stretch it out so much and drip feed, drip feed. Oh well, and so it goes…


  3. Michael Box says:

    The reason that 24 can put out 24 consecutive episodes is that they start the season in January. They run from January to May, Lost on the other hand starts in August or September and runs to May. Now, we could either have Lost start later in the season and run consecutive episodes or deal with the breaks so that they can show is the new season sooner.

  4. jlactose says:

    Anybody else notice the page Gale drew the map on was the cover page for the Brothers Karamazov book? He wrote it on the back of the cover page, so as Saiid is looking at it in the rain, the other side is coming through in reverse.

    vOZamaraK is clearly visible. Another Henry Gale, Dorothy’s uncle, Wizard of Oz hint?

  5. Dave-O says:

    Speaking of books: Did anyone catch the name of the book Sawyer was reading when Sun came up to ask for the pregnancy test? I think the author was Judy Blume.

    I think the show writers are throwing in books just to mess with our minds :)

  6. jlactose says:

    I read today that it’s a book called “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret” or something along those lines. Sawyer reads alot.

  7. Joel says:

    The book, “Are You There God, It’s me, Margaret” has been a classic in young adult fiction for many years. The story centers on a girl who is confronting the onset of menstruation among other adolescent changes. I found it pretty funny that Sawyer was reading it. Couldn’t quite see a connection, other than the several references throughout the show to Sun’s womb.

    So, is Sun pregnant? Is Jin the father? Was she lying when she told him that she was never with another man? Her flashbacks indicated some definite sexual tension between herself and her English tutor.

  8. Muffy says:

    “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” is a book about a girl hitting puberty and the various tribulations associated. Maybe linking to Sun and fertility?

  9. Dave-O says:

    Maybe Sawyer is just trying to get in touch with his feminine side ;)

  10. SmileyMe says:

    Did anyone notice that when talking to Sayid, Henry said that they were staying in a cave off the beach, but when Sayid, Charlie, and Ana go parading out there, there isn’t a beach, adn I didn’t see a cave. His story seems to change a lot, at one point (I beleive this has already been pointed out) he said ‘crashed’ and at a different time he said ‘landed’. Also (already pointed out), when giving the stats of his balloon, he said something about helium, not used in hot air balloons. Also, he remembered all the stats of his balloon and yet he remembered nothing about burrying his wife.
    It’s interesting though, as much as I can’t stand the guy (for being so manipulative and for being an Other(at least I’m convinced he is)) I can’t help but almost like his character.

  11. Andreas says:

    I just updated the post with my thoughts.

    Oh, and Sawyer and Bernard where talking backwards when Jin got the news about being a father. I will post a transcript of what they really said in the post in a second.

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  13. Lesley says:

    Henry is a great character even though he seems to be an Other. Now if the pregnancy test was not planted who brought it and is she pregnant? And who is SHE? Cindy? Libby? And what was the significance of Sun asking Kate if she ever did a test?

    I sure hope that Sayid, Anna and Charlie walk to the beach and look for the cave where Henry was staying so they figure out he is an other. Why was Henry wandering around where Rousseau could catch him anyway? Seems like she is somehow involved with this charade. Maybe the Others bribed her to assist with the Henry plant. She really wants to see her daughter.

  14. SmileyMe says:

    ‘She’ is Sun, I think that Sun had the pregnancy test with her, just because of the look she got when Kate asked who would travel with a pregnancy test. I don’t think that there was that much significance in Sun asking Kate if she had ever taken one, I think it’s just more to her background (we didn’t realy get much out of learning that she had been married for a while either).

  15. matt says:

    personally, i think that Henry is telling the truth, but he just talks to much. He is nervous and confused when telling his story to all of these different people.

    Part of post removed by admin, PLEASE follow the guidelines and don’t post spoilers related to future episodes.

    It just seems tat he is guy with bad luck, with his wife dying, now getting tortured, maybe he has something to do with the numbers, which would tie in with hurley who is going to have his flashback in a couple of weeks. idk its a thought

  16. matt says:

    it wasnt a spoiler, it was a theory

  17. Andreas says:

    Matt, you had written about things seen in the promo for the next episode. I know that it is a gray zone, but if we don’t allow spoilers related to future episodes, we don’t.

    If a majority of the visitors want to discuss what is seen in the promos then I suppose we might change the guidelines. I personally do not watch the promos as they are not made by the LOST team but by a promo department (if I’m not mistaken) and contain things which, if the LOST creators could decide, should not have been revealed before the episode airs.

  18. matt says:

    yeah but i dont know what a lost promo is? lol

  19. Andreas says:

    The promos or previews are the short glimpses from the next episode that can be seen. There are also promotional photos from future episodes which can contain spoilers.

    Eventhough other LOST sites post these photos and discuss the content of the video previews, it is the current policy of The Lost Blog to not discuss them since it is my personal opinion that looking at previews of things that have not yet happened on the island is a bit like cheating in a video game. You learn things prematurely and that takes away from the impression when you actually see the entire episode.

  20. I think that Sun’s Dad is the Boss Man and we need to stay well away from him as he is dangerous. Why would Jin get threatened in the toilets of the Airport and it just so happens that the guy in the Dhrama film is also of Asian origin. Does anyone out there think im walking up the wrong path or am I one of the Lost Boys ‘Peter Pan’…

  21. Laura says:

    Chris I’ve thought of that as well…I think the biggest coincidence is the strong similarities between the Dharma logo and the Korean flag

  22. I like it Laura, my head is wrecked thinking about it! I was wondering why the Dharma Logo was on the side of the cereal box – like why bother. Also when Henry asked if there was any milk – why would Dharma leave cereal in the suppliers, when obviously milk could not be left in supplies unless Desmond had a cow close by.

  23. Snowyniight says:

    [quote comment="569"]Okay, my theory is that Henry Gale is one of the others and Sayid, Charlie, and Ana Lucia will end up finding the balloon because he really did crash. But he’s still one of the others.[/quote]
    Even if aka H Gale is an OTHER, I believe he was forced. Alex probably tried to help him just like she did Claire. And I also believe that he is who he says he is, that the man in grave is not HGale that he stole the hatch prisoner’s identity. Just a theory. I still believe that there are Good OTHERS and Bad OTHERS. I also liked Goodwin, I don’t know why for Henry and Goodwin, I just do. Gale says to Sayid, ” he’ll kill me “

  24. syid and anna lucial go to find the baloon, they find it and syid sees the grave and digs it up to see if he is telling the truth about his wife. turns out the person in the grave is a black men named henry

    that is so intresting i didnt think that would happen i cant wait for the new eppisode tonight!! :)

  25. Big boy says:

    So lost is so effing awesome. Anyone know whats going on? I was confused but now I think ive sust it. Big up the cast. I love kate, shes potent.

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