Sawyer and Bernard speaking Korean?

One of the many questions that have circulated on the net after last night’s LOST episode “The Whole Truth” is, did Sawyer and Bernard speak Korean when telling Jin about Sun’s pregnancy?

The answer to that question is, no. They where speaking backwards.
This is what they really said:

Sawyer: Keep it down there Susie, I don’t think Jin Senior here knows yet.
Bernard: Well, how do you know?
Sawyer: I got my sources.
Bernard: Aren’t you gonna tell him?
Sawyer: Not my place.
Bernard: Well.. you should tell him.
Sawyer: Hell no! Let Sunshine tell him.

You can listen to my reversed and re-ordered version of the conversation
here. Feel free to share it with others, but in that case please save it to your own server or link to this post and not directly to the file.

I believe their voices where played backwards simply to show us how Jin feels, not understanding what the others say. Nevertheless, in a show as mysterious as LOST, it’s nice to have as much solid facts as possible.

I just updated the “The Whole Truth” post with my thoughts and ideas, check it out.

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5 Responses to Sawyer and Bernard speaking Korean?

  1. Gigantical says:

    I realized right off the bat they were speaking backwards and thought it was a very cool effect. It was a great way for us to see how Jin feels all the time, not understanding what anyone else is saying. I wonder why he hasn’t had Sun give him intensive English lessons yet. I think he might, after this episode, though.

  2. tokyowars says:

    The significance could be in a link/throwback reference to Walt, who has spoken backwards on some occasions in his “visionary appearances”…

  3. Carly says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the actor that plays Henry Gale stared in a movie called Lost Boys..?

    Maybe a clue?

  4. kim ha yul says:

    Hey, informative stuff, I’ve bookmarked your blog :D

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