1 Baby: 5 Scenarios?

Well, LOST is at it again… another episode with great writing (definitely not a show for people who need immediate closure). Everyone’s got their opinion on the new baby’s paternity (if there is a baby, that is?? Widmore Labs, hmm…).

The best way to approach it is by listing the possibilities if Sun truly is pregnant:

1) Sun had an “immaculate conception”
Not in the Virgin Mary sense, but just without any human carnal relations… it’s totally “magic” in this case, with no scientific basis. That part depends on how much you think this series is fantasy-based, and how much is grounded.

2) Sun was impregnated by Jae Lee (“Baldie”)
This would be a preflight affair. The scene that “looked like” it was about to play out on the show… but as we know, few things are as they seem with LOST. Also, this would involve her being 2 months pregnant, and not showing signs and symptoms, hmm.

3) Sun was impregnated by someone else, such as post-island encounter
IMHO, not likely for her character, or her culture, where it is not common for women to have casual flings with near-strangers. Also, she now seems in love with Jin, and has no close ties to any man on the island.

4) Sun was impregnated by once-infertile Jin, who was “cured” by the island
I think I could buy into this, because first off–there is no true “0%” for male infertility without other genetic issues, it’s just a matter of a “low, close-to-0%” probability. This is an island where many things with low probability seem to be occuring; near-miracles, such as Locke’s sudden ability to walk after the crash.

5) Sun was impregnated by Jin, who never had fertility problems to begin with; and she was the infertile one that got “cured” by the mysterious island.
But the doctor said it was him, right? Well… my thoughts are, why should we believe that second scene where Dr. Kim accosts her on the street from his car, when we already think he lied once? That is pretty strange bedside manner, first off. Consider this scenario:

- Dr. Kim told them the truth the first time; Sun had endometriosis, resulting in her being the infertile one. She feels guilty she can’t provide Jin with children (important in Korean culture).
– He gets paid off or threatened afterwards to lie (the car scene), by Mr. Paik, who never liked Jin to begin with, and is setting a trap for his own daughter, Sun. She now falsely thinks she IS fertile, but ironically, still can’t conceive with Jin (who she now falsely thinks is infertile).
– Jae is also in on it (his family and the Paiks are linked already), and seduces her.
– She would not ordinarily cheat on her husband, but she considers it briefly, because she wants to give Jin a child and make their relationship whole again. She comes close (such as a kiss), but does not go through with it, and never sleeps with Jae. The plan has failed.

As for why Mr. Paik would go to such lengths, consider this. He never really approved of the union, or had some sudden change of heart when Jin asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. What he wanted was a lackey, a mob hand he could control like a puppet. He got that, and now Jin is in the mafia, and won’t easily be able to get out. If Mr. Paik can break them up, by sending in Jae, I’d argue he has even more leverage over Jin, should he ever want to forgive Sun and take her back. Also, if he had tried to say no to the marriage in the early days, Mr. Paik would have risked their elopement, and he would lose control over both.

There’s no more reason to believe the second story the doctor told an than the first; this mirrors the situation with Claire’s psychic, where he said “There’s no other way except to raise this baby yourself”, and conveniently finds an adoptive couple in LA, then changes his mind.

It’s definitely a strange show, with lots of twists and turns. Same with Henry’s story–mark my words, if you are SURE of one scenario, you will likely be surprised. There are subtleties in every scene that raise questions of ambiguity, making “The Whole Truth” a very apt title.

Which scenario do you think is the most likely? (Or do you think she’s even pregnant?)

-Cecilia C., M.D.

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20 Responses to 1 Baby: 5 Scenarios?

  1. Rachel C says:

    What about she was raped and didn’t realise it when she was knocked out and taken by Charlie recently? :O

  2. DJ Specs says:

    People are forgetting that when Sun & Jin made up after he returned from the tailies trek, it seemed they had made love. This could have been the time she got pregnant. As for the look she gives while hugging him, I think this is just a look of unsureness. As she said earlier in the flashback, she was relieved she couldn’t get pregnant, but NOW she might be, and this ties her back into the relationship she was trying to run from in the first place.

  3. Karen LH says:

    That’s some convoluted theory! I wonder if Sun’s father wasn’t trying to “breed” Sun and Jae for eugenics reasons.

    Small nit: the term you want is “virginal conception”, not “immaculate conception”. The latter term refers to original sin, not the existence of a father. (Mary was immaculately conceived, but had a mother and a father. Jesus was virginally conceived.)

  4. Cecilia says:

    Rachel: I’d say that would fall under #3. I’ve seen the possibility brought up, though I don’t think it’s likely. The main reason is because of the television audience. Viewers could “forgive” an act like knocking her out (though they’d like him less), but I think rape by a fellow lostaway would go too far for the primetime audience. My gut feeling is that they aren’t trying for something that shocking yet.

    DJ: I pretty much agree with what you’re saying. It’s probably somewhat obvious from the way I wrote the article, but I’m siding more with the camp that believes Jin is the father. Makes more sense of the truth arc of the story. Though I far from think anything’s been ruled out, having it just be another mundane story about an affair just doesn’t seem to be what TPTB is after–that would turn it more into a Korean soap opera, and we have enough of those.

    Karen: Again, anything’s possible, though in my scenario, Mr. Paik is just trying to break them up, yet still control them both (I have a feeling that the “mission” with the watch has not seen it’s last, either, and that that watch plays a crucial role somewhere).

    On the conception, that’s why I put “immaculate conception” in quotes, and said “not as in the Virgin Mary”… because of the difference you mention. I mean it only in the colloquial way laypeople would talk (such as Locke’s mom), not in the strictly theological way. I agree the two are different. But if anyone has any serious religious issues with this term being used, I wouldn’t mind editing it.

  5. Rachel C says:

    Cecilia, you’re right it’s not a likely scenario but when I was listening to the recent Lost podcasts, I remember them talking about how they wanted to explore how socities are built up even in a short space of time – they already have a prison, a pseudo-sheriff, etc. As much as I don’t believe Charlie could do such a thing, it would cause *so* much more conflict on the island (interesting too that Charlie had visions of Mary/Jesus and seemed obsessed with treating Claire’s baby as his own).

    Anyways, I haven’t seen the episode yet and can’t wait – I’m in New Zealand and we’re behind you all by a bit.

    Love your blog!

  6. Maestro says:

    i think that the doctor was paid by mr paik so that jin will leave sun

  7. Cecilia says:


    Yeah, I heard that podcast also. My thought is that this was more about the Henry situation, or anything where they have to deal with Others… but also, perhaps, if Locke or Ana Lucia go too far with their zeal. But well, like I said, I am not closing off any possibilities on this show, that is so unique in its format.

    Too bad you are behind us in episodes, and hope that the spoilers don’t ruin any of your viewing experience!

    BTW, this is not MY blog… Andreas writes most of it, and most of it are his ideas. I help him write occasionally (sign the bottom of my writing), and there will be two others joining us shortly.

  8. Melvin says:

    I wrote a great deal on many of these questions and issues a few weeks ago – granted way before “TWT” aired, so take my speculations for what they’re worth!


  9. andres says:

    I dont think Charlie would have raped her, he did that stuff because he wanted to make Locke look bad, it’s not like he is a rapist.

  10. Andreas says:

    I read somehwere that Dominic who plays Charlie said that his character has gone down a darker path but that he will return to brightness, so I don’t really believe he raped Sun.

    I think you are forgetting about the possibility of The Hanso Foundation/Dharma having something to do with this. One of their “active projects” according to the Hanso website is “The Hanso Juxtapositional Eugenics Development Institute”. IF I understand things correctly, that project would involve the development of a superior species through selective breeding.

    It would be pretty strange if The Other’s interest in babies had nothing to do with that project. Nevertheless, I sort of believe that Jin really is the father and that the doctor was somehow manipulated by Mr.Paik like you wrote above.

  11. Tom says:

    I’m wondering if Charlie’s ‘good turn’ will only come after the truth about him kidnapping Sun is revealed – I mean it’s already suggested here that Sun could have been raped when kidnapped (not my opinion) – so surely somebody on the island would at least mention this possibility, leading to the truth coming out, and Charlie seeking forgiveness and confessing that he was the one to kidnap her and that he didn’t do anything?? I mean, if he is to truly seek forgiveness and a better path, surely that means a confession at some point (to Eko?).

    Also, regarding the possiblity of Sun conceiving prior to the flight, it’s definitely a possibility, as there are many stories of women not knowing htey are pregnant for the whole term, never mind a couple of months. Don’t forget that she’s survived a plane crash & ‘split’ with her husband when he went to sea – stress can affect people in many ways, including messing up her cycle.

  12. Gigantical says:

    I can’t believe Charlie would have raped Sun. That’s out. I think the best explanation is that Jin was cured by the island. I tend to believe the doctor the second time. In the doctor’s office, I thought the dr. might be lying because in that culture, it would be very hard for a man to take that he is infertile.


  13. Cecilia says:

    I think when we look at good theories of what happened, we have to take into account personal motivations that would make sense for the plot. In that way, what andres said makes most sense… Charlie did it to get back at Locke, not because he is some sort of sexual deviant who wanted to hurt Sun.

    Andreas– Ah-ha, actually I haven’t forgotten that (though I guess I haven’t mentioned it specifically). I think there’s a possibility that Mr. Paik is part of the conspiracy, so there may be more reasons for him getting the doctor to do his bidding than just breaking them up, I really agree with this. And the island “healing” one of the two… I don’t think this is separate from DHARMA either. There are many different ways they could include a conspiracy in this even if the genetic parents were Sun & Jin. After all, it appears the Others wanted Claire’s baby, even though it was “naturally” conceived, by all appearances… but perhaps the right qualities were already there, or there is more of a story than we know about at this point.

  14. dean says:

    is the doc that tolded jin and sun about not being able to have children, the same guy or scienctist in the films that they found in the hatch?

  15. Cecilia says:

    Uh, no dean, definitely very different looking people. I’m surprised people haven’t started suggesting that Jin & Sun aren’t both Dr. Candle, also… LOL

  16. Andreas says:

    Not everyone owns the DVD’s and are able to go back and check Cecilia. But no Dean, it’s not the same guy.

  17. Rachel C says:

    Tom, I love your theory! The truth about Charlie kidnapping Sun would be bound to come out if someone thinks she was raped by the kidnapper. And then people will want to know *why* Charlie kidnapped her and then things are going to get *really* messy.

  18. Cecilia says:

    Andreas: I don’t have the Season 2 DVD’s either. The 2 characters are just as different to me as Tom Hanks being confused for Dustin Hoffman. But again, that’s likely a problem with interracial identification issues, I understand that.

  19. jimseas says:

    Reading through some of the old posts since I have nothing better to do tonight (thanks ABC).

    Sun tells Jin she has been faithful to him. If she thought he was infertile and she decided to be artificially inseminated (sp?), would that count as being unfaithful? Not quite honest, I’d give you that. But that situation could lead her to say that she has been faithful. Of course the down side to this idea is that we want to believe that one of them was healed by the island.

  20. jack johnson says:

    Maybe I’m being too much of a Lost “purist” or I believe what I want to believe, but I feel compelled to think that the island and its forces have to do with the conception. We’ve seen how Rose’s illness was cured and how Locke can now walk, so we know that somehow the island has a way of curing impurities. We have speculated that it is somehow due to the electromagnetic disposition of the island. This would make the island a perfect place for the kind of work that the others are doing– if we assume that they are trying to create a genetically superior human race. They are much more worried about psychological studies than physical and health. Therefore I’m lead to beleive that the island was picked by the others or dharma to be a place to grow this gene pool.
    That said, if the island has the power to heal impurities then my guess is that either sun or jin were cured of their baby making problems (we can’t be sure if the doctor was telling the truth or influenced by dharma, so we can’t be sure who actually did have the problem)and so either their actions before the crash have somehow allowed the island to allow Sun to conceive, or their actions since crashing have created a “scenario” for conception and as a result we have a baby!

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