Is all hope lost?

According to Tom Jicha of The Sun-Sentinel, apparently all hope is lost, for Lost…

Eventually, there comes a time when you have to say, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice every episode, shame on me.”

That time has come. It was one thing to discover a key character was paralyzed when he got on the ill-fated plane but now has the physical prowess to enter the Iron Man Triathalon. Who’s to say Lourdes is one of a kind?

But this past week, we learned that something in the air or water also cures cancer. That’s it. I’m out of here.

Personally, I understand that some people are starting to get a bit fed up with the mysterious nature of the island but I would not agree with Tom that the writers have no idea where the story is heading. I’m sure that JJ, Damon and Carlton have a good idea of how this little universe works and in which ways they want the story to develop. However, TV shows and movies are not all about creativity and great storytelling. It is also about a more or less necessary evil – money.

If you’re watching the show because you’re waiting for the big answers to come, you have to understand that by the nature of what it is — it’s not a movie, it’s not a series of movies, it’s not a trilogy, it’s not a miniseries — it’s going to be on the air for as long as ABC wants to keep it on the air.

Says Damon Lindelof according to Zap2it. He continues:

“How can you ever possibly think that ‘Lost’ will end in a satisfying way? Carlton and I can almost guarantee you that it will not.”

Well that sounds assuring!
Nevertheless, I have faith in the creative minds behind Lost and am sure that they will give us the answers to the mysteries when time is due. To be honest, the mysteries are not the only reason I like the show. Lost is simply really good entertainment.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the many questions will be answered?

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17 Responses to Is all hope lost?

  1. Nikanj says:

    I think eventually (within a season or two) we’ll get most of the answers we’re looking for, then most of the mysteriousness will be replaced with action, as the losties try to solve various problems they come across and try to get themselves off the island. Or, if some of the theories prove correct, they’ll spend their days trying to save the earth.

  2. SmileyMe says:

    Well…. I’ll keep watching anyway. The show is too adicting not to.

  3. Gregor says:

    Lost is good.
    I like watching Lost and I don’t care if there might be a crap ending. I don’t care if some people don’t like Lost anymore, I do, it’s just something to watch every week (or so).

    Anyone who complains about Lost, should just leave it alone. No one is forcing you to watch it, there are plenty other good shows: Prison Break, comes to mind.

  4. jimseas says:

    Unfortunately Andreas, there is a lot of truth to your post. No matter what happens, many people will be disappointed even if we do get all the answers, ’cause they won’t be the answers that they want. There is just so much in this show that it can’t all be tied together into a pretty package. Some things will be important while other things that have been discussed and rediscussed will turn out to be meaningless. As Gregor said, we just don’t care.

    It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

    So if you need me, on Wednesday night, at nine p.m., you know where I’ll be. See you all there :)

  5. Lesley says:

    I love not knowing everything that is going on. In fact, if they told us all the answers I would probably stop watching! IMHO most television is not worth watching. I watch LOST (at least twice each week)because it is different and I get to use my brain while I am relaxing and share the experience with the other addicts on a couple of Blogs. Not to mention the acting is far above what we generally see. I will let the LOST crew lead me where they will, I am hooked. (If some folks cannot tolerate the uncertainty maybe they should watch Baywatch reruns.

  6. Libby says:

    i agree- i’ll definitely be watching :) its wonderful entertainment and tv at its finest- and i like the fact that the show keeps me guessing, and even if i’m wrong about what’s going on i’m sure that i’ll still be able to enjoy the show.

    one semi-off topic question… is this weeks episdoe, Reckoning, a rerun? i am somewhat new to the blog and when it said (on the right) “Reckoning – (recap)” i figured that meant it was a re-showing of a previous episode, but i couldn’t find an old episode named that, and the ABC website says that its a new episode. so what does (recap) mean? thank you! (and i apologize if this is not the place for this)

  7. Nenad says:

    I think that they will keep the show going through replacing the mysteries with new ones… Up until the show gets cancelled.

    I will definitelly keep watching.

  8. Andreas says:

    [quote comment="1297"]one semi-off topic question… is this weeks episdoe, Reckoning, a rerun? i am somewhat new to the blog and when it said (on the right) “Reckoning – (recap)” i figured that meant it was a re-showing of a previous episode, but i couldn’t find an old episode named that, and the ABC website says that its a new episode. so what does (recap) mean? thank you! (and i apologize if this is not the place for this)[/quote]

    From what I understand “Reckoning” will be a recapitulation of the previous episodes in this season, looking back at all things that have happened. It is supposed to air next week on April 26th.

    The next “new” episode is “Two for the Road” which will air on May 3rd.

  9. jimseas says:

    [quote comment="1296"](If some folks cannot tolerate the uncertainty maybe they should watch Baywatch reruns.[/quote]

    HAHA I love that Lesley. You made me laugh.

  10. Job says:

    Personally, I feel sorry for Mr. Jicha. He seems to feel that until now, LOST has been reasonably documentary, never wavering from what is known and acceptable as reality.
    *insert derisive laughter here*
    In the world’s first epic poem, intrinsically entwined with LOST mythology via Locke’s crossword puzzle (Episode 2×08 “Collision”), Gilgamesh travels to a sacred forest of cedars to kill the monster Humbaba.
    Many people believe that there are sacred places scattered around the earth, concentrating enormous energies and focusing them. These places may cause visitors to have visions, receive inspiration, be healed or be rejuvenated.
    I’m not saying that the Island is a sacred place, or that it has healing powers. It seems to have healed Locke and Rose, but there may be another explanation. If Mr. Jicha doesn’t want to stick around to hear the explanation, that’s his loss. We’ve known about Locke’s “condition” since the beginning of season 1, so why the big shock that someone else has been healed? Rousseau is convinced that there is a “sickness”, and Desmond seemed to concur. Perhaps there is also a “cure”, and Locke and Rose are the first beneficiaries.
    In any case, I still love this show, unexplained mysteries and all, and I’ll keep watching until it ends, or is cancelled. And I know I’ll be satisfied.

  11. ConeOfSilence says:

    why do they make us w8. Is is some kinda crewl torture !!

  12. joe says:

    job: there was a point when i felt similarly about both twin peaks and x files: i will keep watching and i know i’ll be satisfied. and yet, by the time each series ended, i had gone from raving geeky fan to ‘oh, it’s ending? oh, i missed the finale? oh well.’

    i think what the show has in its favor is that time progesees slowly, and time is frequently played with. entire episodes could be devoted to rosseau’s team’s backstory, or the other’s backstory as a whole, or the others as individuals.. there are many possibilities…

    but here’s the problem: what the first season set up was ‘act 1′ of what felt like a larger story – it was the expository act, and as viewers we want ‘act 2′.. but we’re not getting act 2, instead we’re getting more and more exposition, (like libby being insane – fun fact, but feels like a ‘throw in’ and not tied to the larger story) and very few resolutions. at some point the show will have to dramatically change it’s focus, give us a satisfying act 3 closure while simultaneously opening a new door from which to start over.

    it looks like this season’s ‘hatch’ is ‘henry,’ who when ‘cracked open’ will lead us into who and what the others are – to be explored in depth, with new mysteries and questions, next season.

    i think the show can sustain one season per island mystery:
    (1) the crash
    (2) the hatch
    (3) the others
    (4) the monster

    i want the show to end well and satisfyingly. it can be done.

  13. Found says:

    [quote comment="1301"] Rousseau is convinced that there is a “sickness”, and Desmond seemed to concur. Perhaps there is also a “cure”, and Locke and Rose are the first beneficiaries.[/quote]

    –First post, hi everyone–

    I think that the sickness/healing dynamic adds a lot of good balance. I’m not a believer in Eastern religions, but it does create a nice tension… the physically ill become well, while others become mentally troubled (Jack with his dad, Shannon with Walt, Kate with a horse, Vincent may BE someone else but that’s not the island’s fault, Dave…). To me, the healing/remission of Rose’s cancer doesn’t push Locke’s legs further toward the edge of believability, it validates it. Makes it less of a “miracle” and more of a description of the island’s “energy.” Once is an incident, but twice creates a trend. Think about the visions that people had. The first one that I remember was Jack seeing his dad. That was just freaky. Now Dave shows up on screen and I immediately wonder… “I’ve never seen him. Is he a vision?”

    I dig the questions. That’s why I watch. I like that they use questions to provide answers, too. The black-lit map was a stroke of genius! Hopefully you’ve all taken a chance to look at one of the analyzed shots of it.

    Keep watching and posting!

  14. Joe says:

    I think the characters are already dead and we are just watching their “afterlife”.

  15. Chuck says:

    Lost has captured people’s imaginations. Unfortunetly it will never satisfy everyone with it’s explainations because unlike the 1st season it has become a soap opera. Just enough to keep the faithful coming back with the hint that something anything will be answered. To date in season 2 nothing has been answered. Questions left open too long lose their appeal. Who really cares what will happen if the button isn’t pushed every 108 minutes because now we have a map to decode. Where and who is Desmond? Another lose end never to be resolved. Why in season 1 was the french woman’s baby a boy and in season 2 the baby boy grew into a hot teenage chick? Why didn’t someone cut the cable coming out of the water and just sit there to see who would come and fix it? Season 2 has been a bust. They could have answered the old questions and at the same time raise new puzzles. Example season 1 ended with the opening of the hatch. We all found out what was in the hatch but raised the question of the function of the hatch. Answered one question raise a whole new set of questions. So long as the writer’s focus on what the blogs are saying and not the story line that made Lost compelling it will continue to morph into ALL MY CHILDREN.

  16. Cecilia says:

    I think some of the viewers just need to be more patient. :) The mysteries are not going to be resolved overnight if the show is planned to be continued for 4-5 more seasons (though personally I would have prefered they ended it at 3 rather than risk jumping the shark). I personally don’t feel like it’s gotten “wacky” yet… I’ve always seen it as a sci-fi, so I give it a fair amount of leeway. But joe’s point about Twin Peaks and X-files is a good cautionary for the writers, I think. LOST just started out so strongly that Season 1 is a tough act to follow.

  17. GG says:

    Hm, that the guy thinks the water somehow healed Rose disqualifies him anyway from being a fan, so there!

    True to life, when you get the answer you seek you just end up with more questions. Might as well enjoy the ride!

    Having this show has taken my brain (as well as millions of others, ha ha, I said Others) out of the deep freeze.

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