Reader Tip Roundup

I’ve been getting a lot of mails from our readers the last two weeks but sadly I haven’t had much time to write about all the interesting things they had to say, so here goes:

Jared writes:

I just watched the jeep video. At the end there is a beep and then a quick flash of the Dharma logo with a message. I can’t get a screen cap to enhance it, but there are 4 words at the top, first word looks like echo. Maybe someone can figure it out?

I tried enhancing the images but couldn’t make out what it says either. Anyone with better luck?

Jeff found a site with the scripts for various Lost episodes. Really cool if you are interested in screenwriting like I am.

I haven’t had time to read all the scripts, but I noticed that there are some differences to the pilot script and how the Lost pilot episode ended up looking shot and edited, so it might be possible to find some interesting information in the screenplays.

Both Sebastien and Heather discovered that after doing some of the Lost experience stuff on, if you look at the Joop webcam, he will morph into a dark image that resembles a human. I’ve seen this being discussed in the comments too, but has anyone managed to capture a good picture of the “human” and what significance if any do you believe this has?

Rachel Cunliffe of spotted some fun/interesting things related to Lost and Alias in Mission:Impossible 3.

Sophie found the Buddhist Dhamma concept to have some parallels to Lost. Quite interesting reading.

Joe pointed out that Mittelwerk (as in Dr.Thomas Mittelwerk of The Hanso Foundation) was the name of a secret underground Nazi base during the second World War that produced the V1 and V2 rockets, using slave labor. Also very interesting reading.

We get new tips every day, but the tips above should keep us all entertained for some hours so more reader tips will be discussed in a future post. If you have interesting information related to Lost (no spoilers) that you want to share with us, send us a mail!

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10 Responses to Reader Tip Roundup

  1. Lindsay says:

    If you manage to get the Joop Screen Shot – (which I have and can upload later) you’ll notice that the picture that appears periodically is actually an outline of the same picture of the guy in the “Metal Health Appeal” page.

    Not sure if this has any signifigance, but the pictures are identical.

  2. Julie says:

    Just found something really interesting!
    Im watching the first season and in the episode where Jack finds his fathers coffin empty… in the ‘speech’ he gives the lost-ies…. the main ‘fanare’ is:
    “Each man can fend for themselves……. or we can ‘live together….die alone'”.
    Sound familar?????

  3. Cecilia says:

    To answer Jared’s question “What is written right after the Jeep commercial”:

    It spells out ECHO ME UTEF HIT, an anagram for the mouth piece (which appears in at least 2 other places as well within the mailbox and I think many already know is the pw to Hugh’s secrets)

  4. Cecilia says:

    Sebastian & Rachel: The man behind Joop’s is the black mental health doc on the main page. He is also the sprite image which is layered behind the secret Hugh files, along with the image from Scientific American (linked in my other article further on), another electron microscopy image, and a picture of Dr. Candle’s lab coat (his own image taken out).

    I’ve also seen the Mittelwerk munitions/work camp connection, and find it interesting, since it ties in Hanso’s backgroound as a munitions trader during WWII.

  5. Tasha says:

    Yes. It is also in the following episode. They say if we can’t live together, we will die alone. That is the name of the episode tommorow. Right?? I haven’t really thought of a connection though.

  6. LostDamery says:

    Speaking of Season 1,
    I also watched a couple episodes last night to prepare me for the upcoming Season finally and in Numbers(I think) they track back to the French womans hideout to get batteries, only to trip a wire and blow the place up…Note: It did not look like a hatch.
    I had forgotten about the cable coming into the island and the French woman telling HUrley about the radio tower and how she changed the repeating message. ???WHY are they not going to it and making another message in English???? It was near the Black Rock (ship or actual black rock, I dunno)

    I also forgot that Lockes mother? told him he was a special boy with special powers? Part of Dharma or just a scam…I am thinking Dharma Scam!

    Hmm. Walt and Locke seeing messages from ? guiding them to their purpose?

  7. Tasha says:

    I had forgotten about that too…about his mother. Also Locke saw visions and they weren’t in dreams. This show is so confusing.

  8. Amanda says:

    I just noticed something interesting on the Hanso Website…if you click on Joop’s corner, then move your mouse where it says Joop’s corner in green scrawl, the mouse will turn into a cursor and you can enter text. I’ve tried various things and got nowhere…interesting, anyone have any clue as to what to put in here?

  9. Cecilia says:

    Amanda: I’ve noticed this also (I think there’s another hidden “dead end” box elsewhere, can’t remember where at the moment). Everyone I’ve talked to has said that they haven’t gotten it to do anything, unfortunately. May be another case of a password we don’t yet know of.

  10. KillerR says:

    Ive been watching the reruns of season 2 that just started a couple of weeks ago and last week i noticed that walt’s mother’s lawyer asked micheal the same questions as ms clew. does anyone know the signifigance?

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