Video of Hugh McIntyre Interview

Like we reported yesterday, Hugh McIntyre, the “fictional” Director of Communications of The Hanso Foundation was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Lost season finale yesterday. If you missed the interview or want to take a second look, i’ve posted the video bellow:

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15 Responses to Video of Hugh McIntyre Interview

  1. Tasha says:

    Well I actually watched this last night. It’s funny how far LOST will go. I definately DO NOT buy any of it. I mean….The Hanso Foundation is all fake and i really believe that. Now I think they may have got the idea from somewhere…such as MIND International or many other Scientific Research Experiments, but I really believe that Hanso is just part of the Lost Experience.

  2. Andreas says:

    I definitively agree with you Tasha, The Hanso Foundation is purely fictional.

    I actually did a search on Danish companies based in Copenhagen with Hanso in their name just to be sure, the only one that comes up is Hanso ApS, a plumbing company (I think).

  3. Andreas L says:

    Who is this guy , really?. He must work for ABC. I’ve done some research on the domains mentioned, etc. These are infact registered in other names or organsations. The registrant for hansofoundation, as a lot of people know is:, Well. My theory is that this is in fact Alvar Hanso’s email. I’m dropping a message to him right now.

  4. LostinLost says:

    I thought this interview was corny, they should have hired some one better to play hugh.

  5. 4toes says:

    persephone! could she be penny?

  6. Tasha says:

    THey should have had some sort of CLUE in the background! They do with everything else!

  7. Tasha says:

    2006.05.25 – The Widmore Group regrets to announce that Hugh McIntyre will no longer be serving on the Widmore Group Board of Directors effective immediately.

    I just read this on The Whidmore Group Website. I thought he worked for the Hanso Foundation??

  8. Eddie says:

    [quote comment="3223"]THey should have had some sort of CLUE in the background! They do with everything else![/quote]
    Look closely at the people in the background, the female looks greatly like the chick on the opening of the….and what are they looking at or into?

  9. Julie says:

    Okay… so they made a pretty big deal about how he doesnt look like Hugh McIntyre..which we were all aware of.
    I can’t imagine that ABC would be this lax about the person protraying Hugh. I mean they obivously know how many people are following this web-maze.
    Maybe the clue we are looking for in the broadcast was the thing staring at us the whole time?
    Is it possible that some ‘foul-play’ has come to Hugh??

  10. andpoi says:

    It’s not supposed to be a real company. The Hanso Foundation is not a real company at all. The Lost Experience is supposed to leave clues/suggestions to what happens on season 3.

    Also, I posted that video on youtube, can I get some credit? :-)

  11. Mat says:

    That bit was intended to get more people involved in the lost experience (more people clicking advertiser’s links) than it was to provide any sort of clue. Clearly, Jeep,, and Sprite are interested in the Jimmy Kimmel-watching, puzzle fan demographic.

  12. NikkiV says:

    I’m so confused…

  13. Chpi says:

    Okay. Im not sure where to post this. But has anyone check wikipedia?? heres a link

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