HansoFoundation MFI Page & SubLYMONal Updates

Possible Spoilers

New updates, webmazer fans! Well, quite a few, actually.

On www.thehansofoundation.org, the MFI page has now changed. Now if you click the logo, an interactive map pops up. These have facts about the countries they are pointing to. There are 3 which have blanks which ask you to fill in information.

For those who would like to play around with this a little more on their own and find the answers themselves, I’ll leave the answers to the blanks in the comments section.

Additionally, there is an unlabeled clickie on China’s Northern border. I’m from China, and I don’t know of anything in that desolate area except the Gobi desert! Unless it’s a very small landmark, that is. There are no huge rivers that go exactly there. Let me know what you think. The label to the pointer says: “She was a former employee of the foundation” backwards.

Also, subLYMONal.com has changed (this is a little older; it was over the weekend). Courtesy of the nice guys at The Lost Experience Clues Blog, here are the passwords:

Also: tongue, spray, embed, listen & pulse, bentley, scan, whatthe?, chill, defib, belly, gulp

Most of the latter ones seem to go to ads that are not that interesting. Password Persephone goes to more Greek mythology info, where the voiceover answer to the question on Hesiod’s Theogony is “Demeter and Zeus” (don’t know what the meaning is yet – pertaining to its use in the webmaze, that is). 108 has DJ Dan’s latest podcast, which is interesting, as it talks about a university student who feels like he was building a giant weapon for Widmore Corp (one that could move the moon??).

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25 Responses to HansoFoundation MFI Page & SubLYMONal Updates

  1. Cecilia says:

    As promised, here are the answers:

    1. US GDP 2005 est = 42000

    2. Sudan Population Growth Rate = 2.55

    3 Italy HIV/AIDS Death Rate 2006 = 10.4/1000

  2. Tasha says:

    After you fill in all 3 blanks…there is a circle that appears in the Indian Ocean….says. Hanso Foundation. We start wars before they begin pr something on those lines…..WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

  3. Tasha says:

    Afsp on the map….does anyone else notice something right off the coast of Florida that is a weird color compared to the rest of the map???

  4. frenchy_florims says:

    Okay the internet game is funny and interesting, but tell me why you people handling this blog didn’t comment more the finale episode ?

    I mean you Cecilia, you should have thousands interesting things to say. And first I would ask you how do you explain character’s irrational behavior (like Locke, did he go nuts ? I think he is really crazy, that he identified the hatch with his tricky father, that’s why he wanted to destroy it).

    And Desmond, where’s Job to explain to us what the hell is this book by C.Dickens, and what does it mean ?
    Like Carlton Cuse says in the podcast, the Desmond-story was not obvious for a finale episode, but I gotta say, this was the best “flashback” ever seen in Lost. I don’t know why exactly, I can’t explain but this was so successful !

    I was really amazed by this last episode of season 2, I really think it was bold and brilliant, I can’t stop watching it again and again, and all you can post about is the internet game whereas there are thousand different theories to explore : sorry but that’s so disappointing !

  5. Job says:

    Salut, frenchy_florims. T’inquietes pas, on a tout l’été pour parler de la finale.

    I’m just saying that we have all summer long to discuss the finale, and I will be concentrating on that. The LOST Experience doesn’t really interest me, though I am following Cecilia’s and Andreas’s updates.

  6. Job says:

    Oh, one more thing… the poem by Hesiod is called “Theogony”, not “Theogeny”. As I don’t know the context of the question posed, I’ll just say this: Demeter was Zeus’s sister and also his fourth wife. She was the mother of Persephone (who later married Hades- God of the underworld).

    Hope that helps =)

  7. samsandrasan says:

    On the map – does anyone notice if you hit tab going through the icons on the map that there are two unmarked areas? There is the one mentioned in China with the backwards blurb but there is also one off the map in the lower left corner (does not respond to click)? That would be in Antarctica. In the finale, the remote station that picked up some signal when Desmond blew the hatch – looked like it could be in Antartica.

  8. samsandrasan says:

    In the creepy clip with the girl in the doorway with her back to us there is something in the foreground to the left. It is too dark to distinguish on my screen so I captured it and put it in PhotoShop.
    Once I lightened the midtones, I could see it is a wheelchair.

  9. VidGamer123 says:

    “The Hanso Foundation: starting wars so you don’t have to!”

    Hanso = teh EVIL.

  10. jjTerp says:

    OT: I didn’t know you were Chinese. Any chance you went to UMAB for Pharm.D. ?

  11. samsandrasan says:


    The lighter colored island off the coast of Florida is Andros island of the Bahamas.

  12. Cecilia says:

    frenchy: Yeah, it was pretty much as Job said. :) We will have all summer to discuss the finale, which I followed quite closely. The 500+ replies were a bit intimidating, by the time I got to it! I will probably leave a quick comment in there, but not a long one… just to refute one or two nonofficial webmaze sites, and that’s it. I definitely had more thoughts about the finale, I will write one of them in a new blog entry today.

    Job: Thanks for the correction, I’ll change the typo.
    Job, all it asked was who Persephone was the daughter of, no more than that.

    sam: Interesting find… but I actually went back myself and tried this (I did the first day also, trying to make sure we didn’t miss any clickables)… and I can’t find anything in the left lower corner near Antarctica that is clicky. Are you sure about this? Could you be more specific about where it is in relation to the peninsula?

    jj: No, I didn’t. But there are lots of Chinese folks in the world. :)

  13. Lesley says:

    I have a question regarding the game updates. The last two did not come through properly on my computer. After I cleaned up everything (hard drive, emptied cookies and temp files ran a full virus/adware scan of everything) I was finally able to see the exec. updates. But after the most recent map update, still I am having trouble. I cannot go thru AOL I do not even get the new MFI icon so I use another browser but the commercial stops mid-stream and once clik on all iconsa and I fill out the answers in the map I get little hour glasses but I am not able to see anything new except the backwards comment in India. Any ideas? (I Thanks!

  14. johnny.b.good says:

    FYI, not like anyone can’t read it backwards, but the China link read backwards is “She was an employee of the foundation.”
    –now is this in reference to Persephone? Penelope perhaps (being connected through her dad) or even Roussaou….her story still hasn’t fully checked out to me, she could be a Dharma/Other person placed by them to penetrate Losties camps and gain their trust…

  15. samsandrasan says:


    Yes, I’m sure about the extra tab. But, I see now that it is on every page in the black margin. It seems to just make the blue spotlights behind the page move. Has anyone deciphered the gibberish that comes up on the WWPDP page when you click on the invisible hospital in the Atlantic ocean (above Guyana)? Once you click there is the box with a blank grey square and a box with the location. Move the icon under the blank grey square (normally info on the hospital) and you can see a ghost image of text. Any input?

  16. samsandrasan says:

    I got the MISSING ORGANS in the numbers underlined but is that it?

  17. Shaun says:

    I noticed that the miracle link is working does anybody know what the password could be??

  18. Andreas says:

    [quote comment="3456"]Okay the internet game is funny and interesting, but tell me why you people handling this blog didn’t comment more the finale episode ?[/quote]

    I’ve been quite busy with school and my film project so I haven’t had much spare time during the last few weeks (or the last two months actually). I might re-watch the final and write down my thoughts if I feel that I can ad something new to the discussion.

  19. CAG says:

    [quote comment="3498"]FYI, not like anyone can’t read it backwards, but the China link read backwards is “She was an employee of the foundation.”
    –now is this in reference to Persephone? Penelope perhaps (being connected through her dad) or even Roussaou….her story still hasn’t fully checked out to me, she could be a Dharma/Other person placed by them to penetrate Losties camps and gain their trust…[/quote]

    Just a guess, but I’m banking on Libby … it says she WAS an employee … now she’s not. I think she was brainwashed in the mental ward and was unwittingly doing THF’s bidding.

  20. mookystank says:

    the “miracle” password is “heavy water”… it’ll show that in that hospital in africa, the foundation was stealing organs and trying to cover it up. therefore, i think the significance of the “missing organs” area on th world map may be the area they are taking the organs to.

  21. Lauren says:

    okay like
    for the sublymonal thing….
    do u have to know alot about lost, bc i have never watched the show. but i have found a bunch of the stuff??

  22. Bill says:

    Just something interesting things I tried on the sublymonal site which causes it to give you definitions which won’t come from wikipedia:

    If you go to the site and put enter: lymon it defines lymon
    entering sprite tells you something about sprite
    entering coke tells you it is a beverage to be enjoyed with friends
    pepsi = access denied
    7up = access denied


  23. Munty says:

    I read earlier on another site that the island they were on in LOST is the mythical island of Delos, otherwise known as the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek God. I tried ‘Apollo’ in http://www.sublymonal.com site and it gave me a few numbers. Can anyone tell me if they mean anything apart from A|P|O|L|L|O?

    Also i thought you might find it interesting, if noone has already, to read wikipaedia on Apollo, about his birth… it seems to have similar coincidences to Claire and her baby on LOST.


  24. kira says:

    just found a new password conspiraspies, enter in when persephone asks for the magic password on the elec. research initiative page. ( you have to click on the photo) interesting stuff about off-shore research station!

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