Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

Possible Spoilers

Hello, Lost Experience webmazers!

Rachel’s blog main page is now showing us that she made it to Reykjavik, Iceland! It appears that she must be following up on GidgetGirl’s last tipoff about the Vik Institute fire and other secrets (including the new story about the mathematician, Benoffski, who died in the fire).

EDIT 6/28: A memo from Benoffski was found. A friend of necrosloth, of LOST-TV, translated it from its original Polish:

Dear Co-workers,
I am taking a short vacation (unknown word)/scientific (or educational) during the months of June through August so as to spend a little of this important time with family and also to present on “Mathematics-Statistics” in Perth, Australia. During this time I won’t be accessible. Pleas occupy yourselves with student matters and (unknown word) scientific as best you can.

Vigi Benoffski

Rachel believes that the memo was either a lie by Benoffski or a cover story concocted by someone else.

EDIT 6/28: There is now new video added to the site. View it by going to http://www.garytroup.net and clicking on “Links”. Additionally, mattthepale has been kind enough to upload it to YouTube for those who are having difficulty getting it off the slow site. Dr. Armand Zander of the Vik Institute gets put on the spot by Rachel–it appears that the patients in the “secret ward” weren’t patients at all.

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7 Responses to Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

  1. VidGamer123 says:

    Interesting, Sawyer. But I have a question: is it legit?

  2. antropical says:

    I doubt it’s legit. Google Ads? Came out of nowhere? :)

  3. Chloe says:

    how much of this is going to tie into the show do you think? The Vik Institute? Armand Zander? Mittlewerk?

  4. VidGamer123 says:

    I hope Cuse and Lindeloff (sp?) are able to write those elements into the show. That would make this Experience all the sweeter. :)

    From a realistic standpoint, it just might since it gives the writers much more material to expand upon the LOST universe.

    Of course, I can only speculate.

  5. Cecilia says:

    The link sawyer\’s posted was not legit (sorry)… I\’m removing these from now on so that they aren\’t misleading from the real game clues.

    Vid: I saw a quote somewhere that talked about some degree of involvement from D & C, though not how much exactly. If I find it later, I\’ll post. I too hope it will tie in more rather than less, but remain somewhat skeptical.

    To me, what I see it is as backstory which will tie in very minimally with Story A \”Lost\”. Story B to me is kind of fun over the summer, but not as well written or as interesting to me.. but that\’s just my opinion. I think Story B will reveal a few spoilers for the TV show, but nothing that won\’t be revealed eventually (and is integral to solving the show\’s mysteries).

    Specifically with this clue, I think the heiroglyphics will give some more depth to understanding the Valenzetti equation… since this is supposed to be something that predicts the apocalypse.

  6. Steve says:

    I don’t really think they can tie much of this into the series. I mean, sure they COULD…but I’d say the vast majority of Lost fans aren’t following this ARG in the same manner that we are. Most people who watch the show have no idea about hansofoundation.org, rachel blake, persephone, etc…only the diehard addicts, like ourselves, are concerned with any of this. (for now at least)

    If Season 3 started referencing things that we’ve been fed over the summer, I think most people would be very confused. A lot of: “WTF are they talking about? What’s the Hanso Foundation?”

  7. Anna says:

    So, I was looking around for the meaning of the hieroglyphs and this is what I have so far.( I don’t know if this is relevant or if someone already worked on it, but…).
    There are 5, some are translated onto a direct phonetic sound some are Gardiner’s signs . Like the staf is a dead man with a wound in his head, or a foreigner,an enemy. The rest are sounds of letters S,D,W(U),A. If anyone can make anything out of them it would be great.

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