HansoExposed.com & Fragment Codes

Possible Spoilers

Quick, everyone, sign up for http://www.hansoexposed.com. There have been a LOT of new developments since this morning, shortly after Rachel’s outburst during Comic Con (see below for spoilers for both LOST & TLE from Comic Con). The site has gone up, and is asking us to find fragment codes on the site, which are always found with a glyph symbol (read the instructions over there). Two were found already on the actual site by some TLEC guys:

1) 7HKBH < —Found in opening sequence introduction at hansoexposed
2) RRGYXS < —Found on instructions page of hansoexposed
3) 4HO < —One code seen on the wrist of one of the ComicCon panelists, on a large slap band bracelet (supposedly on Damon's wrist for autograph sessions)

EDIT 7/24:
4) OHGE <— Speaker ‘was emailed’ an image of another wristband (likely the writers, seeing that none of us had found it yet, decided to give us this hint)

There may be more to come, though probably on other sites and in other places. So far, the rumor that the codes may be on the trading cards given out on the Comic Con floor have proven false.

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7 Responses to HansoExposed.com & Fragment Codes

  1. Misty says:

    It says there are 7 fragments released. Will all the fragments be posted here? This is my one stop for Lost news. I LOVE THIS SITE.

  2. Misty says:

    Whoa, you can move the little pictures. Then they go away. Help

  3. VidGamer123 says:

    OK, this is dumb.

    I don’t wanna hunt around the interbutt looking for snippets of some film thing! Argh! >:(

  4. agent-sarah6 says:

    The Speaker has just posted a new blog post with images of Damon’s wristband (code 4HO) and what people have been saying is Jorge Garcia’s wristband (code OHGE).

    If you don’t particularly want to sift through the internet too much frequent TheTailSection forums and the LOSTPedia for updates as they come out.



  5. Cecilia says:

    agent sarah: Well, we are doing the same thing here, sarah. In fact, I edit for lostpedia, and very frequently post the updates here before lostpedia (they are a great repository for info, but since the beginning of the ARG, they haven\’t broken any new clues, it\’s just people like me copying them over).

    Misty, make sure you save them first before getting out of the site!

  6. aubs says:

    Can someone maybe help? I’ve checked my login and password and it won’t do anything…

  7. aubs says:

    Oh sorry, my pw wasn’t in all caps…I’ve got it now!

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