Where's the complaint dept around here?! (Includes Major Spoilers from Comic Con)

Yup, I said I wasn’t going to post until Monday, but sadly here I am.

I just had the most harrowing time, as they cancelled my flight to San Diego, and long story short, the one they put me on would have made me miss Comic Con, so I decided to stay home (they screwed up royally when they booked a ‘connecting’ flight that didn’t connect with my first leg, and by the time they told me, it was too late to get on one that would make it there in time). US Airways, I will rant against you here, because after 2 trips to the airport, 3 hours of waiting IN the airport, and 4 hours of waiting on hold/transfered between 6 different lines (none of whom seemed to know what they were doing)… I didn’t end up getting on a single plane!

However, I do have my spies on the Comic Con floor, and we have some mild spoilers and a not-so-mild spoiler/rumor as a result. These are mostly courtesy of my friend John (AKA ‘sculpey’ on the forums) who attended the panel at 10:30, who I just got off the phone with; he gave some good details about what they said, including major spoilers for S3. To give people an idea, the panel this year includes Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Bryan Burk, Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and Daniel Dae Kim (Jin). The ‘wildish’ spoiler at the end is from a friend of a friend who attended the DVD party, and I am not vouching for the reliability as much as the other stuff, but I’m posting it, and you can be the judge. Please click “Read More” below to see.

EDIT 7/22: Adding in yet more details and goodies provided by ‘WndrBr3d’ of LOST-TV–worth a read! Some good stuff in there.

EDIT 7/23: Direct quote on time given by fourfootten edited in.

Possible Spoilers

After a few “behind the scenes” clips, they talked about the “LOST diaries”, which will be like 13 two minute mini episodes throughout the regular season. Supposedly some of the characters like Kate & Sawyer find a videocamera and start recording themselves.

S3 will be more scientific, and DHARMA will be more explained.

When asked about the significance of ending the training videos with “Namaste”, it was explained that Dharma is a company that would use their money to further man kind and try to develop things for the good of man kind and that’s why the videos were ended with this wish of good fortune(?). Said it doesn’t really have any significance.

There was a DHARMA training video shown at the Con, and it was of the Pearl station logo, but it was not the same one as in the show. It explained that there were three phases to their mission, which were to observe, analyze and report the data they collect regarding the ‘activities on the island’.

Clones are NOT involved in the show in ANY way.

They do not confirm nor deny the existance of an underwater hatch.

Bernard and Rose aren’t involved in DHARMA in any way.

When asked about how characters on the islands all had fathers who were in positions of power or wealthy (Locke, Jack, Sun, Kate, etc., etc.) they said they couldn’t really get into that but told the person asking that he was “asking the right question.”

They indirectly acknowledged the tie in with The Wizard of OZ and said there will probably be more.

The name of the episode one will be “A Tale of Two Cities”.

JJ is writing the first episode of the 2nd block.

Kate chooses her man and takes on a lover by episode 4.

Someone asked a question about time, and the panel responded “You’re making the basic assumption that they’ve been there as long as they think they’ve been there”.

There will be more off-island scenes in S3.

Desmond will be back.

There will be more Libby flashbacks.

Again, reiterating island has “a much longer history than any of us could imagine” (said this in podcast, too).

Again, reiterating the Monster is NOT nanobots, and the whole thing is NOT in Vincent’s mind.

Vincent is still on the island.

When asked about how many seasons we can expect from the show, they said it’s hard to estimate that because the show will continue as long as ABC wants it to. It was discussed originally that the show may only run four to five seasons then have a movie to wrap it all up, but if the show is still going strong in five seasons the network execs may just keep on trucking along. They expressed their desire for it to end after season four (“if everyone here could just stop watching after season 4, then buy the season 4 DVDs that would be great”). So it’s hard to say how many more seasons of Lost there may be.

The glyphs (I think here, they mean glyphs on the countdown clock) are said to mean “underworld” as the closest translation by TPTB (I’m thinking this may or may not relate to the name Persephone, who is the Greek mythology queen of the underworld).

When asked about how in the Episode where Hurley attempts to track the history of the numbers, and the guy at the mental hospital asks “did you open the box?” and did he refer to Pandora’s Box, they explained that the meaning of the numbers and what they do would all be explained by the end of Season 3.

For the webmazers, ‘Rachel Blake’ (I believe, the real actress, Jamie S.) was in the back of the audience, and shouted in some questions to D/C about Joop, THF, and Mittelwerk. She said they were real and she had proof (transcript at Speaker’s blog); she now gives official direction to go to http://www.hansoexposed.com, which I’m guessing will have a BIG update Monday. However, she was largely written off as a “loony” by the panelists, and escorted out without any good resolution of how TLE ties in directly with the tv show.

They’re going back to film some footage for the ‘end’ of the Lost Experience. So expect a nice show tie in at the end of the web game.

OK, now for the more “out there” rumorish spoiler (unconfirmed). KF2, a mod at LOST-TV, says that his friend went to the S3 DVD party last night for LOST, and there were hints dropped that Rose is Walt’s grandmother. Again, I do not vouch for this rumor as much as the others, as it appears unconfirmed by other sources so far.

I will post more if I hear more.

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13 Responses to Where's the complaint dept around here?! (Includes Major Spoilers from Comic Con)

  1. Lesley says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience Cecilia. Every time I have flown with US Airways I have had a similar experience. Ugh! Great scoop though, thanks as always!

  2. VidGamer123 says:

    Cecilia- I’m just glad you didn’t book a flight with Oceanic Airlines. :)

  3. Cecilia says:

    Hah, well I shall hereby declare US Airways the Oceanic counterpart in the real world. It’s not libel if it’s true, right? :D

    LOL, ok, going to go hide in case there are any LOST fans from US Airways now… :P

    Posted one more spoiler about heiroglyphics on the countdown clock as well, also from sculpey.

  4. Hugo Reyes says:

    Gotta laugh at your plane experience Cecila…Not to be mean.. Just seemed apropriate that while attempting to board a flight to a LOST theme Q&A you just happened to get a messed up flight and are able to get us the updates sooner…just seems like a LOST episode to me..

  5. fourfootten says:

    This probably doesn’t make much of a difference, but no matter! Regarding the passage of time quote, I wrote it down (moments =D after they said it) as: “You’re making the basic assumption that they’ve been there as long as they think they’ve been there.” Which could be interpreted slightly differently than what you have above. I’m also pretty sure that they said JJ is directing the 7th episode, the first episode of the 2nd block. And I’m very sorry that you missed Comic Con (and the horribly humongous line to get into the Lost panel!)

  6. amar ventris says:

    Oh man who will Kate pick.

  7. Cecilia says:

    Hugo: LOL, don’t worry bout it… I wouldn’t be a LOST fan if I didn’t appreciate irony, right?? :D (Plus, there is irony in Hurley himself commenting about my missed plane flight ;))

    four: No, that’s cool, I will edit in your more specific info. I think John was probably paraphrasing, and I like to be specific, since you took notes.

  8. Lostopoly says:

    maybe you had too many MAGNETS working against you.

  9. Austin says:

    does anyone have video or anything of the panel?? i went to comic con once, didn’t like it so i didn’t try to get in, i had no idea there was gonna be lost anything there! arg!!!

  10. Cecilia says:

    Austin: So far, I’ve only seen just short clips.

    Here’s the one of Rachel’s outburst (pretty entertaining):

    Here’s another really short clip:

  11. Misty says:

    US airways also has the RUDEST flight crew ever.

  12. I used to love US Airways and flew with them exclusively. Over the past two years they have degraded as a company and no longer provide any level of quality customer service. My recent experience is outlined extensively on my website and I have yet to be satisfied by anyone from US Airways.



  13. KillerR says:

    I think that’s the case with all airlines. Have you ever seen the reality show on (i think)A&E about Southwest. That show is hilarious. If i ever need a good laugh or have had a bad day; i just watch a couple of those shows on-demand and fell alot better. Its alot cheaper than therapy.

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