Mandrake Wig Update

Possible Spoilers

Mandrake Wig’s Flickr photo album just updated with 3 new photos:


-Captioned “only in australia can you get a fresher perspective on the universe where evil lurks”
-The upside down statue of Charles La Trobe is in Melbourne, Australia.


-Title mispelt “el”
-Captioned “there are days when i feel like hitting my head against a brick wall”
-Statue of businessman hitting his head against a building wall


-Captioned “from the outer space”
-A statue of a shark in a house roof, in Headington, England.

(And before anyone accuses me of plagerizing this out of Lostpedia, please check who entered it in Lostpedia to begin with… that’s why the wording is identical ;))

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5 Responses to Mandrake Wig Update

  1. todd sanders says:

    there is a common thread to these photos, of heads being buried. perhaps it is a metaphor for someone (ours perhaps) heads being buried in the sand. that we are somehow missing something.

    also on some of the other blogs a user named ‘catseye’ supposedly has found the 12th glyph. perhaps this isnt a player at all but the game authors giving us a clue, maybe a password – rblake/catseye that needs to be put somewhere for the 12th glyph?

  2. pythagorean says:

    You’re on to something. Go to my site and follow the instructions in the top post. It will confirm that catseye is a clue, I thing. I don’t have any more info at the moment.

  3. KillerR says:


  4. Cecilia says:

    I was thinking the “head against something” connection too, but now someone else got me thinking in another direction which I think may be the way Manny wanted us to think. The 3 statues are in 3 different countries: US, UK, AUS… maybe a hint to check the 3 puppet blogs (Speaker, Other Girl, Lost Ninja) for codes (and in fact, that’s how many of them were found).

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