Fragment Code Updates & Entertainment Weekly Rachel Blake 'Interview'

Possible Spoilers

12) XIGZ2Y10S2 < — Rachel Blake’s blog (front page)
13) GMX18BCJ < — DJ Dan’s Links page
14) 4KVKLAYDM0 < — unknown primary source; discussed Speaker’s blog comments section, apparently someone wrote a script to figure out the one code that only one person had, but was not sharing with the rest of the community

EDIT 7/27:

15) M6XY398 < — Lost Ninja’s blog
16) 3ZGT < — Fuselage diaries

EDIT 7/28:

17) ZY6C < — Speaker’s blog (found hidden in Week 3 Roundup when the Hole2 image is clicked).

Entertainment Weekly’s column by Doc Jensen also has a new Rachel Blake interview article. It’s a quick read, and pretty funny, so I recommend it. I considered for a while maybe Rachel was dropping real hints about where to find other glyph/codes (checked Amazon’s listing for “Three Days of Condor”, for instance, which also happens to fall on my top favorites list of spy movies… but nothing so far).

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23 Responses to Fragment Code Updates & Entertainment Weekly Rachel Blake 'Interview'

  1. froggirl says:

    That number 14 you have won’t work for me. Anyone else?

    Also, I have a question. When you found the djDan one, was it just the code or was there also a glyph? I’m just wondering what we need to be on the lookout here for.

  2. KJ says:

    Ditto on #14. It’s a no go for me as well. I tried typing it in and copying and pasting, tried case sensitive and not. Won’t go.

  3. todd sanders says:

    it worked for me all in lowercase


  4. KJ says:

    Yeah, just found the original post. The one here is missing the second K, hence why it didn’t work. Maybe Cecilia can edit?

  5. Cecilia says:

    Sorry bout the typo folks, thanks! It was the missing K (I saw it discussed pretty early in the morning and posted off of the Speaker comments). Also tweaked the source of the code (we don’t yet know the REAL source, but someone wrote a script to figure out the one code that was not being shared with the rest of the community).

  6. Cecilia says:

    Oh, and to answer froggirl…

    The way the code was found:

    DJ Dan’s link page had a broken image link. You had to view the page source; it ended up being the name of the .jpg file (was also the code). However, now I went back and saw it was corrected, so we see both image and code.

    All codes work both uppercase and lowercase.

  7. Misty says:

    How do we watch the videos???????

  8. Cecilia says:

    Misty–Answered you in the other post when you asked before, please check there.

  9. Misty says:

    whooops, sorry :(

  10. Misty says:

    That link does not work :(

  11. Cecilia says:

    Misty: Sorry bout that… the link is actually right, but the site is down today because of server problems. I also have it mirrored over here:

    (go to page 4, it’s the July 22 post)

  12. Cecilia says:

    Heh, I’ve been beating the TLEC blog on posting a lot of the new codes lately… I think they are getting as bored with it as the rest of us…

  13. todd sanders says:

    yeah i’ve been meaning to express my disinterest also.
    part one of the game was brilliant and interesting, lots to decode and find, using everyones skills. an interesting thoughtful storyline unfolded and seemed to form a continuation with the season ender. it was a puzzle to savor as we all unlocked it

    part 2 is ok but i felt it was taking us farther afield from the tv show. the world of ‘lost’ slipped over into reality with mcintyre on kimmel and rachel. and it all started making less sense. persephone of the first part who was so capable, became rachel who really doesn’t seem the same. and all the story became was rachel saying ‘trust me’ and mistakes on the parts of the creators being covered up, like the early video release. it made the game twist convolutedly i think.

    part 3 we are just being spoonfed each section. rachel now confronts the lost panel which seemed cool but on retrospec seems to blur the lines between the in game world and reality and really loses my interest (and then they had to give us the codes because few realized the arm band significance early on and so they posted a series of ‘closeup photos’ from the comiccon, which all seem taken with intent). we’ve seen the emperor without his clothes, the mystique isnt there anymore. day 1 or 2 of glyph hunting was good. but none of the glyphs were in the spots we expected them to be in – sublymonal, jeep, ROT, etc..

    every day we get some new codes given to us and we stick them in. if we cant find a code someone writes a script to figrue it out. where is the creativity exhibited with part 1.

    this giving us the codes bores me. it is peddling to the new masses who flock to the game. and it really isnt telling us anything. we have what? maybe a month of codes yet to get. and who really will care about 68-70, we’ll have the story by then. you can be code 70 is going to be the one that completes mr. beardy saying “i’m ..”

    maybe i’m wrong and there is some grand intent with the glyphs icongraphy that will reveal itself

    the only revelation really interesting to anyone seems to be who is mr. beardy. is he hanso or not.

    and all of this dribbling (without any elegance of working through a puzzle) for probably 4 minutes of video. and each time we input the codes we have to sit while the system starts up and lets us log in and then drags while it loads all the fragments found so far (even on DSL)

    not seemingly worth it. just release the video and get on with it i say. i think maybe i’ll just start checking in once a week or so and gather the 10 codes released by that time and stick them in.

  14. todd sanders says:

    also what really does any of this have to do the the TV show at this point. there dont really seem to be any links to characters on the show at this point. time-wise all this is takig place years after the time in the show.

    seemingly this glyph video might tell us something about the island. who knows.

    i may be wrong about all this, perhaps there is a grand plan that will reveal itself and i’ll be amazed. for now i am just bored.

  15. Cecilia says:


    Wow, I really agree with everything you have said. Maybe we come off as just cynical, but there really has been a shift in the cleverness of this ARG… where has all the brainpower and mystery gone in TLE?

    In Act I for instance, we had Persephone give us secret coded messages that lead to the hole3 picture, with D2O behind the eye. You needed to look up scientific background (or look up someone with it) to find out that it stood for deuterium, which in turn was hard water. Not only did this end up being a password, but it ended up being a clue to nuclear waste dumping being tied into the story (which it later was). Even some of the dumb anagrams, while not using much heavy thought, needed some thought.

    Now, we\’re reduced to searching LOST related promotional sites for glyphs and entering them in like automatons, alongside thousands of other people doing the same thing. It\’s totally mindless, and just based on luck, who finds them.

    Sorry to rant, but that\’s jut the way I see it, too. :) I will still continue to follow it closely and post updates frequently, because I want to see the video also (and I think that will be a good one), but I do agree with todd. LOST (and specifically this blog, I think) attracts an intelligent crowd, and we deserve more. If you look at other ARGs that have run in the past, many will not surpass this one in scale, but they do in the quality of clues.

  16. todd sanders says:

    we’re not really even searching lost related promo sites anymore

    just go and read the blogs for speaker (US), other girl (UK) and lost ninja (AUS) (as per suggestion of manny and his photos that were just posted)

    check in a few times a day and magically one or all of them will get some mail from “somebody” and have the code. that somebody being ABC. at least make the fake photos of the wristbands look more convincing!

    this is another part where we’ve slipped into reality. these 3 main blog sites are just shills for the show. more of the spoonfed-ness. it takes the game out of the game-centered world, the escapism is gone.

    i read on one blog recently that maybe disney (parent of BC) was not happy with the game, that they perhaps wanted it dumbed down for the masses. i would hate to think the lost producers caved in but maybe they did.

    act one also felt like the show – mysterious, tangled, many threaded, had that zen stillness and drama of the show. it was like visiting an unspoiled foreign country.

    act 2 i think can be summed up as “hey guys, trust me, please!!, please, please!”

    act 3 has no mystery. its a cattle stampede of newbies all trying to get caught up and mucking about like tourists visiting a disneyland all prepared for them.


    maybe we should go on strike?

  17. todd sanders says:

    if act 3 were like act 1, the glyphs would be, i don’t know, something like letters of the phoenician alphabet and we would have to plot latitude and longitude coordinates to discover them, then we would have to find some rosetta stone, phonecian to danish, through some hanso shipping algorhythm over at (“shipping a better tomorrow to you” ) this would lead us to the helgus boat and we would have to compare the danish words to a passenger manifest for the ship and voila! the video would be found because we’d discover valenzetti’s nephew was skippering the boat….

  18. KJ says:

    I found a new glyph! It’s on week 3 round up on Speaker’s blog, if you click the picture of hole2, it comes up. The code is:


  19. froggirl says:

    Go KJ!

  20. Cecilia says:

    Thanks KJ, I’m adding it to the list…

  21. I found the story of Big Fish Games fascinating. I wanted to keep playing it just so I could see how it would unfold… Unfortunately, this is one of those sites where if you’re unlucky, you will wander around for an hour trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing and/or how to do it.

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