Retrievers of Truth Update

Possible Spoilers

There’s a new thread up at the ROT backsite (don’t forget, password = “Steinbeck”), where BroadBandBeatnik tries to redeem himself after accusations of being a traitor, by posting a picture of him at ComicCon (as his alibi, saying he didn’t upload the Mittelwerk commercials). However, it doesn’t appear to be an image of the LOST panel… anyone know what panel it actually was?

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2 Responses to Retrievers of Truth Update

  1. VidGamer123 says:

    Perhaps he was attending the Penny Arcade Website Profit panel?

    OMG! BroadBandBeatnik wants to start his own webcomic! :o

  2. celina says:

    I was at Comic-con and have been for 4 years… the entire time being held at the San Diego Convention Center. Believe me when I say that, over that 4 year time span, I have seen EVERY ROOM in that Convention Center, and NONE of them look like *that* one… the stage is wrong, the chairs are wrong… and what’s with the “icicle” lights hanging from the ceiling?

    The only conclusion that can come from this is: BroadBandBeatnik is a LIAR!

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