WhereIsAlvar.com Now Active!

Rachel Blake has sent out a new email warning us that WhereIsAlvar.com is now active! It appears to be a site where you can login with your HansoExposed.com ID, and upload your picture if you have found an Apollo Bar. It appears that the people who have done so so far are all from the UK… after yesterday’s NYC Park Avenue Country Club fiasco (see below), people are expectedly cynical and many bars were probably lost forever, but hopefully they will organize future giveaways in the states a lot better. Please post your stories if you make it to one of the giveaways (see below for dates & locations, also).

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16 Responses to WhereIsAlvar.com Now Active!

  1. todd sanders says:

    the retcon from speaker:

    “What the? What happened? (Rhetorical question. I got lots of accounts.)

    I have no ties with the Apollo Candy company, so I can’t apologize for them – but I literally felt SICK earlier when I found out. ‘Cause I was psyched and I knew a lot of YOU were psyched and, yeah.

    I dunno what happened. Did SHADE go TOO far with their protest? Who knows. I’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow’s and the future give-aways.

    Do me a favor. And this is totally on the honor system here. If you went to the event today and came away empty handed – send me an e-mail.

    Speaker815 (at) gmail DOT com.

    Put “NYC APOLLO” as the subject line. If I get too many e-mails, I may not respond to them – I just want to make a list for my own personal collection, ya know.


    Sorry it didn’t work out. Until next time.”

  2. Damien says:

    Hope there was no gold codes with those lost bars…what a kick in the teeth.

  3. Cecilia says:

    Yeah, Speaker is a good guy, and I hope people don’t take it out on him. He doesn’t have a ton of control over many elements of the ARG, from my understanding, and they just communicate with him sometimes. I think they messed up and need to fix this, but I think what Speaker will do is try to make up for it by giving the ones who didn’t get stuff some recognition, and possibly a code if he can get his hands on a bunch.

  4. todd sanders says:

    any confirmation to what i read on another blog that at the NYC concert today, many people got the apollo bars and threw the wrappers away, not knowing what they were?

  5. todd sanders says:

    nevermind. speaker’s blog seems to confirm that the NYC concert event got messed up too. people handing out more than one bar, people told they couldnt get their bars until a specific time, event coordinators not being told what the signficance of the bars was, security people being rude.

    ohh its a train wreck i just can’t seem to look away from….

    we seem to be in chapter 4 of the game now (i think) without chapter 3 being completed also.

  6. Cecilia says:

    Well, todd, we may be reading the same blog (TLEC)… but I think so :) I have heard that elsewhere too, sadly. They haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.

    I called up the DC location (Tysons Corner Blood Drive) and the blood drive people were really nice, but they had no idea they were associated with this game either. There are people with ABC supposedly handing them out, but I think this could be a mess potentially as well.

  7. todd sanders says:

    good letter from “NIK” over at http://www.deartptb.blogspot.com/ about all of this.

    lets see how speaker spins this next one.

    i wonder ultimately about the golden tickets that have been lost. this says to me ulitmately they arent important because the site will be forced to show us the info anyway to make up for those lost.

    chapter 4 is the weakest by far. i half amusedly think for chapter 5, they just email everyone what we need to know and save us all the trouble of looking, or er waiting until we are spoonfed the next bit.

    love to be the fly on javi’s office wall about now

  8. todd sanders says:

    hmm further reports say that bars in NYC weren’t passed out because security thought they could be used as projectile weapons.

    ohhh this train wreck just keeps getting better!

  9. todd sanders says:

    seattle seems to be a bust too. the bars didnt arrive in time. the abc people did take down people’s names and addresses.

    3 for 3

  10. Cecilia says:

    Hehe… sounds like 0 for 3 to me!

    I am hoping it won’t be 0/4… but I’m heading out to the DC location in a little bit, which is at a mall… sounds like big screwup potential already. I talked to the lady in charge of the blood drive that is being promoted with it, and she said she had no idea the candy was associated with an online game; she was very happy I updated her because she felt in the dark, and she’s in charge! At any rate, if anyone reads this and is in DC, I’ll be there. I’m meeting a few other people, so feel free to say hi if you see a girl in a red dress. :)

  11. froggirl says:

    Good luck Cecilia! I’m guessing we’ll get an email from Rachel saying how Hanso thwarted her plans…..

  12. frodo says:

    Here’s a little rant about my experiences at the Seattle event.


  13. Cecilia says:

    Thanks froggirl…

    frodo: Aw, man, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences at the Seattle event. I heard about it being like that, too. AT least they took down names of people who didn’t get them.

    Have you guys seen this? http://apollotrade.blogspot.com/

    It’s for Apollo Bar exchanging…

    OK, here’s what happened at the DC event. It was actually well organized! We all expected the worst after hearing the horrible stories. But it was done very well, it started at 11, people were lining up, meeting one another… promptly at noon, they went down the line and handed out the bars. I got 2, didn’t want to be too greedy, but was hoping to try/keep one and give one to Miss Meg’s exchange (linked above). You didn’t have to give blood at all, it was just a WTOP/ABC Event.

    So I went back later to try and donate blood. I met 3 kids that were pretty nice, and said they came down for the bars, but didn’t know it would all be gone. They were nice enough to be there for blood donation too, plus they were hardcore Lost fans, so I ended up giving one of my bars to them. Soon I will be down to zero again, but I guess I’ll try to also attend the ESPN/Acura event.

    Good luck to anyone else trying, I hope they learn from their mistakes and organize it like DC!

    Here’s two pics… one with some friends from LOST-TV (I’m in the middle); 2nd is one I’m submitting at WIA.com…

  14. Cecilia says:

    PS: Special shoutout to Kimberly the blog lurker, who I met in line, and took the one photo from her cell phone/emailed me… Thanks!

  15. froggirl says:

    Wow! Great to finally hear a positive report. I love the pic you are submitting to WIA!

  16. Cecilia says:

    Thanks… and just one more, of Jonah & Tresbien from TLEC, posted on his blog…


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