Henry Ian Cusick talks about Desmond

Although he didn’t win the Emmy for best guest actor in a drama series award which he was nominated for, Henry Ian Cusick who portrays Desmond on Lost is very happy with his life.

In an interview with USAToday, Cusick tells us a bit about his new life on Hawaii and how he got the role as Desmond:

The actor’s account of how he thinks he got the role sounds like a Lost character’s crossover flashback. Cusick happened to be staying at the home of actor friend Brian Cox (X2: X-Men United), who lives next door to Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse. Cusick says he met Cuse briefly and believes “a seed (was) planted, because they had been looking for either a Scottish or Irish character.”

Read the entire article at USAToday.

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3 Responses to Henry Ian Cusick talks about Desmond

  1. Misty says:

    Um, the Emmys will be held on the 27 of this month. You know who won already?

  2. Misty says:

    OOOO, whoops, my mistake. The Emmys are so confusing :(

  3. Andreas says:

    Yes, I have inside sources ;)

    Nah, sadly the Creative Arts Emmys where announced some days ago and the outstanding guest actor in a drama series award which Henry Ian Cusick was nominated for was won by Christian Clemenson from Boston Legal.

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