Playing the Lost music

Michael Giacchino might not be a name you immediately connect to Lost, but you have heard of him, or rather, you have heard his music.

Mr.Giacchino is the composer behind Lost’s haunting but beautiful soundtrack. With soundtracks like Mission:Impossible 3 and The Incredibles in his portfolio, Michael Giacchino is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most wanted composers. IGN managed to talk to him at the recent Lost Season 2 DVD party:

IGN DVD: By Season Two, a lot of the show’s leitmotifs or audio cues have been pretty firmly established. What’s the challenge in terms of moving from one season to the next and expand that musical palette?

Michael Giacchino: Well, this year it was kind of fun to expand it with Henry Gale, and also expand it into the whole Others thing. I mean, the Others were revealed slowly, kind of more and more to us in Season Two, and what started off as a very simple motif for them slowly developed into something more complicated. It’s just this thing that kind of naturally happens that as they unfold the story I’m able to then glean more out of that, get more inspiration from it and start adding to what I’m doing. But the simpler and more cryptic it is, the more simple I stay, and that’s just kind of a natural way of working on the show. But it is a challenge, and to find new ways to use Locke’s music, new ways to use, you know, Charlie or Hurley – all of those guys – it’s always a challenge to try to find [something new], but you also don’t want to be too different because that’s their thing. That’s who they are and that’s what they are. It’s kind of like following an opera.

Read the entire interview at IGN.

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2 Responses to Playing the Lost music

  1. jonno says:

    the hurley-centric music is great, all those subtle bleeps and bloops. i love this guys’ music, he’s incredible.

  2. Rafael says:

    Oh, i fell in love with this soundtrack… Michael Giacchino is a really talented man!

    best wishes!

    (waiting the 4rth season)

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