Lost to premiere early in Hawaii

Lost-media.com writes:

“While the rest of us are counting down the days to the “LOST” Season 3 premiere on Oct. 4, Honolulu will once again have an early look. As part of the city’s Sunset on the Beach event on Saturday, Sept. 30, the season premiere of “LOST” will be shown early to thousands of local and visiting fans. Cast members will stroll down the red carpet starting at 5:30 p.m., and the long-awaited episode will hit the really big screen at 7 p.m.”

While I understand that the launch of Lost Season 3 will be a bit more glamorous by having a premiere screening, this also means that detailed descriptions of the episode will appear online four days before the rest of us get a chance to watch the season’s first episode.

Since The Lost Blog is against spoilers, I just want to kindly ask everyone to NOT write about upcoming episodes, including pre-screenings, in the comment-threads on this site.

If you are in Honolulu, have fun!

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5 Responses to Lost to premiere early in Hawaii

  1. Aubs says:


  2. Andreas says:

    Yes, a bit. But I also belive that I’m not the only one who prefers not accidentaly reading what will happen in an upcoming episode before I have seen it.

  3. Hugo Reyes says:

    UNFAIR! lol

  4. Lesley says:

    Well, I will stay off he computer until we get to watch. I also do not like spoilers. Less than two weeks to go. Yippee!

  5. Tanis says:

    Today is the big day! I can HARDLY wait!!!! FINALLY!

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