Rachel Blake Last Video, DJ Dan 2nd Live Podcast & TLE Finale!

Last night was the culmination of many months of storytelling, as The Lost Experience drew to a close. Stay tuned later this week, and I will post a shorter summary of the important things we’ve discovered this summer in the backstory, for those who only watch Lost on TV.

On DJ Dan’s podcast aired at 8PM PST; listen to the mp3 HERE. At just after 9:15 PST, Rachel Blake called in. She said she ‘had an insider’ on the Lost panel and talks about what made her start hacking. A caller called in with a live audio feed of The Hanso Foundation getting raided, though Mittelwerk blew up the building and escaped. When Rachel is pressed for details, she gives the big reveal, leading us to ABC.com for her final video (see it below for the version with the Sri Lanka video cut out):


Direct spoilers and transcript below under “Read more” for those who can’t view.

Lost Experience Spoilers

As many of us guessed, and now confirmed, Alvar Hanso was in fact Rachel’s father… and wasn’t directly responsible for the Hanso attrocities, since he was kept sick and confined by Mittelwerk and others. The camera pans up as Rachel is saying “So long… dad” and it ends there… is it possible that Alvar died?

Here is the complete transcript of this video, very special thanks to Nickb123 of Lostpedia for making it:

(Outside a house, Rachel knocks. Titles show up that she is in Narvik, Norway. A man answers the door, letting her in. Inside, opera music plays and we see another man stood in the living room. The man is Alvar Hanso)

Alvar: Leave us.

(The man goes upstairs, as Alvar motions Rachel to sit)

Alvar: (Sighs) Rachel Blake.

Rachel: You recognise me?

Alvar: How did you get past security?

Rachel: I have contacts inside your Foundation. The nurse who comes in regularly to take your blood was called away on a family emergency. I’m her replacement.

Alvar: (Chuckles) Clever. So, did you come to draw blood?

Rachel: How can you joke, after everything you’ve done.

Alvar: You brought in a recording device.

Rachel: No. This is between you and me.

Alvar: I can hear it Rachel, it’s in your bag. You must have thought you could walk into my home, armed with nothing but the truth, and extract a confession from me.

Rachel: Something like that.

Alvar: (Chuckles again) I think your idealism touching. And, since it’s the truth you came for, I suppose that is what I should give you. On tape.

(Rachel moves the camera round to face Alvar, as he sits up in his chair quickly)

Alvar: The men you see here, work for the Foundation, they do not work for me. Their job is to keep me inside. To keep me from talking to anyone of importance. I’m a prisoner…

Rachel: No! You are not dodging the blame.

Alvar: No. I’m not. I am to blame. For training Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. For grooming him, to be my successor. For giving him all the tools he needed to do the awful things he has. He cannot kill me, but he can keep me locked up while he kills millions of what…

(Rumbling from outside the room spooks both Blake and Hanso, and Rachel has to momentarily cover the camera)

Alvar: ..he is the one who has done all of the things that you have exposed, And much worse, all in my name. And yours.

Rachel: Mine?

Alvar: That’s why you came. The reason why you’ve investigated the Foundation. You wanted to learn more about the trust fund that paid for your upbringing. You wondered how a single mother, could pay for an education, and all the advantages you were given. But you, are a beautifully intelligent young woman, and you were able to trace the funds back to the Foundation. You searched, and even as you realised all the evil that was being done, even as you turned against everything that the Foundation now stands for, you kept on, because you knew the path would lead, to your father. And now I need your help, even if I don’t deserve it. I may never leave this house alive, and it’s only a matter of time before the guards realise who you are. So take this confession, get it to the press, to the authorities, to anyone who will listen! Make a scandal, Rachel. You are the only one who can bring down Mittelwerk, and set me free. Go now Rachel, finish this once and for all. Go!

Rachel: So long…dad.

(Rachel begins to leave as the video cuts out)

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12 Responses to Rachel Blake Last Video, DJ Dan 2nd Live Podcast & TLE Finale!

  1. Andreas says:

    Did he really die?

    It was fun to get confirmed that Mittelwerk has taken over, that plays well with what i wrote in the Watchmen analysis.

    Did I miss anything important by not listening to the podcast?

  2. Cecilia says:

    Andy, I don’t think so, but I got busy and wasn’t able to listen to the whole thing either! On him dying, the first 2 times I watched, I was convinced he rolled his eyes and fell over as Rachel said “So long… dad!” As you said it again, I rewatched it, and you’re right, it’s not that clear, because the camera pans up, and could possibly just be that Rachel is shaken. Since it’s a point that’s not confirmed, however, I’m going to take that out of the article.

  3. froggirl says:

    I didn’t get the impression that he died, just that she was all worked-up from meeting her dad for the first and possibly only time.

    Seems like there are still so many un-answered questions–though it’s possible I may have missed the answers:
    What happened to Rachel’s mom that made her suspicious?

    What’s the real deal with Mittlewerk getting full blood transfusions?

    Why do they constantly take Alvar’s blood?

    And really, why didn’t she ask him what happened to the Dharma Initiative? That could have given some nice inside story that related directly to Lost.

    Can’t wait for Lost to start next week!

  4. VidGamer123 says:

    Johnny sounds too much like Duffman.

    “DJ Dan! Oh Yeah!”

  5. Cecilia says:

    Hah, I thought he sounded like Troy McClure, VidGamer :) (actually, they may be the same voice guy?)

    Either way, he’s damn sexy, I am in love with Johnny.

    DAN: “Donut extract was scientifically proven to cure baldness.”

    JOHNNY: “DJ Dan was in the control group.”

    Hahaha… I love them.

    Guys, we are done with the very long transcript of DJ Dan’s broadcast on Lostpedia. View it here:


  6. Mole´ says:

    After watching Rachel’s tape above, I had to wonder….how OLD was this video?
    Did she say at all?
    It seems like this was the FIRST video. The one that put her on the train of Middlewerk, etc…
    If that is the case she wouldn’t have asked about Dharma because she wouldn’t have found out about it yet.
    Anyone else care to weigh in on that theory?

  7. KJ says:

    Just a note to say that Troy McClure was voiced by the late, great Phil Hartman, who was tragically killed several years ago. So Announcer Johnny—not him.

    That’s all!

  8. Julie says:

    Im so confused. I know that y’all have had to keep me updated since I had the baby.. but I missed ALOT!
    I noticed that ABC said in a press release that DJ Dan had said that the ‘numbers’ mean. Did I miss that? I can’t find it anywhere.
    Also, someone asked me the other day what DHARMA stood for and I couldn’t remember. I know that it was discovered.. but I can’t remember at all.

  9. Andreas says:

    [quote comment="6387"]Im so confused. I know that y’all have had to keep me updated since I had the baby.. but I missed ALOT!
    I noticed that ABC said in a press release that DJ Dan had said that the ‘numbers’ mean. Did I miss that? I can’t find it anywhere.
    Also, someone asked me the other day what DHARMA stood for and I couldn’t remember. I know that it was discovered.. but I can’t remember at all.[/quote]

    Dharma is an acronym for Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications.

    The numbers are core factors of the Valenzetti equation predicting the end of the world.

    I would recommend checking out these posts:



  10. Misty says:

    That mp3 download does not work :( How may I get it?

  11. Cecilia says:

    Misty: The mp3 download is still working for me, just tried it.

    But if you just want to see what happened on the podcast, just go to Lostpedia and type in “DJ Dan live broadcasts” exactly like that. Scroll down to “2nd Live Broadcast” and click on the Transcripts link. That is a full transcript of what happened.

    To be honest, it wasn’t all that exciting or revealing, except for the end when Rachel called in and tried to explain a few things, and the “caller” (a plant) ‘patched us into a police channel’, and we heard the raid. It was all in the last 15 minutes.

  12. Misty says:

    ok, I got it to work :) thanks for posting it

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