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As we’ve previously reported, Lost Season 3 will be shown on Sky instead of Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Since this will prevent those UK fans without Sky to watch the show, a petition has been started.

I contacted Sky about a week ago to determine whether they were planning to show season three on Sky Three for those of us without Sky but with Freeview, or on normal terrestrial channels for those with neither. The response I got was that they currently had no plans to show the series on Sky Three or terrestrial, but that may change.

Therefore, I propose that we start a petition. If enough of you loyal Lost fans sign it with your names, we may be able to swing the Sky schedulers our way and get Lost shown on Sky Three or even back on Channel 4.

So please, anyone in the UK who does not have Sky, or even Freeview, sign this petition so that we’re not deprived of this amazing show!

Sign the petition

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3 Responses to UK Lost Petition

  1. Daniel says:

    i agree its unfair..or else unlucky if u dont have sky one..but why try and ruin it for ALL OF US UK VIEWERS..we wont have lost until next year like may/jun maybe if its back on channel be grateful and i agree for the petition for lost to be shown on sky three AND sky one..but not channel 4..that doesnt need to happen

  2. Julie Chadwick says:

    Im not inpressed about Lost Series 3 being shown in Sky One, I don’t have sky and I cant watch it now

    I hope im not the only one

  3. NotLostAnymore says:

    Well money is money and if they buy it then they buy it..

    Being a big Lost fan I will miss the experience of watching it every week and chatting to my mates about it. I don’t have sky like most of the population.


    I found the episodes on t’internet.
    FanDabbieDoosie :)

    So i now get to watch them in excellent quality, without adverts and much sooner…

    Plus it has opened up a whole new world for me :)….

    Never would have found it or gone looking for it until now.

    Thus the corporate world pushes you into new and interesting areas you never thought about going :)

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