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Lost Theory Competiton

Do you have a really good Lost theory or analysis that you haven’t shared with the world yet? Then this is your lucky day. Here is your chance to both get your theory published on The Lost Blog and win … Continue reading

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Earthquake strikes Hawaii

CNN writes: An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 was felt across Hawaii early Sunday, causing a landslide that blocked a major highway on Hawaii Island, the Pacific Tsunami Center said. The state Civil Defense had unconfirmed reports of … Continue reading

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Firefly star may get Lost?

Possible Spoiler Kristen of E-Online recently said that her sources have confirmed someone very interesting may be joining the cast of Lost this season (especially for the Joss Whedon fans). She has generally been pretty accurate about this kind of … Continue reading

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One of the best comments I heard on the forums this week is that the image of the glass ballerina falling at the beginning and Jae Lee falling to his death at the end were like “imagery bookends” — both … Continue reading

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Official LOST Podcast October 9, 2006

For some reason my iTunes didn’t pick this one up earlier, but the first official Lost audio podcast has been released. Elizabeth Mitchell who portrays Juliet talks a bit about her role and the feeling on the Lost set. Damon … Continue reading

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The Glass Ballerina

In the last episode of Lost, Jack, Kate and Sawyer where held captive by The Others at the Hydra station. We found out that The Others have a neat little village on the island and we got to know a … Continue reading

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Is Juliet Penelope Widmore?

Remember the opening scene in the Lost season 3 premiere “A Tale of Two Cities”? A beautiful woman looked at herself in the mirror and many of us instantly said to ourselves “Isn’t that Penelope Widmore, Desmonds girlfriend?”. A lot … Continue reading

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"Finding Lost" – Book Review

Once again, we got an opportunity to do a review for a new book, Finding Lost, by Nikki Stafford. As always, we try to give our readers an unbiased, honest opinion (click on the “Reviews” link above to see more … Continue reading

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4 8 15 16 23 42 – The Numbers Explained

While discussing this summer’s “Lost Experience” alternate reality game, some have suggested that the meaning of “Hurley’s numbers” has not yet been explained. I feel that the story behind the numbers has been explained quite well, but since some don’t … Continue reading

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Lilly and Monaghan to marry

According to The Sidney Morning Herald, Lost stars Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly plan to get married next year. The couple who portray Charlie and Kate respectively got engaged earlier this year after falling in love on the Lost set. … Continue reading

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