Is Jack going to die?

The latest buzz in the world of Lost is that one of the most popular characters may not live to see the end of Season 3.

New York Post writes:

Rumors are all over the island that “Lost” is going to kill off Jack Shepard – the show’s lead character – when it returns in February.

“This is the most insane rumor regarding ‘Lost’ to date,” the show’s co-creator, Damon Lindelof, told E! Online, the website for the gossipy cable TV channel.

“The fact that you think we might do it is incredibly flattering,” he added ominously – a non-denial that has only stirred up speculation over the weekend.

I know a lot of you will be worried that we’ve seen the last of Jack now, but let’s look at the situation:

From a career perspective, it might be a good idea for Matthew Fox to leave Lost.
The show has skyrocketed him to popularity and into the attention of every casting director and agent in Hollywood. At the moment, he is one of the most popular actors in the world. If Lost continues to lose viewers and the show becomes less popular through the next seasons, naturally the popularity of the actors may go down too. I’m not saying that Lost will become less popular, but for the actors who are getting offers from Hollywood, it might be a risk to keep doing Lost and ignore the career opportunities they have right now.

Looking at the situation from the perspective of the mid-season cliffhanger with Jack holding Ben hostage in a room full of Others, I’d be lying if I said that Jack’s chances of survival are great.

If Kate and Sawyer escape, Jack is still trapped with The Others, and they didn’t seem very happy about Jack’s attempt to rescue his friends by putting Ben’s life at risk. As soon as Ben either wakes up or dies, Jack has lost his leverage and he will either be killed or severely punished. Unless there is a nifty twist in which Kate and Sawyer manage to save Jack that is.

I’m heading into semi-spoiler territory now but if you want to know why Jack may live, follow my footsteps. There is one quote by Lost exec Carlton Cuse that indicates that we will see more of Jack during the second half of Lost season 3:

Carlton: We’re doing a flashback story where you’ll find out how Jack got his tattoos.

Unless the episode where we find out about Jack’s tattoos is the one he dies in, this seems to indicate that we haven’t seen the last of Dr.Jack.

I still believe that Jack very well may die in a future episode, but I think there is more to his story than we’ve seen so it’s probably not his time to go just yet.

It should also be mentioned that Ben offered to take Jack home if the operation was successful. It is entirely possible that Ben stays true to his word and helps Jack leave the island.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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39 Responses to Is Jack going to die?

  1. Todd says:

    Well, since I am the first comment I’m gonna go on the negative side for Jack dying.
    First off, Jack is way to much of an important character. He still has a whole lifes worth of stories to be revealed to us.
    Second, Matthew Fox is a really well known actor and if he leaves the show I believe that a lot of people will stop watching.
    Third, it would just be a bad idea for the writers to kill off jack. Jack is one of the most LOVED characters of the show. Just leaving the viewers with Kate, Sawyer and all the rest would be obsurd. Jack is an orderly character and the island will not be the same without him.

  2. Todd says:

    I left something off =)

    I also do believe that killing off a character that is one of the most helpful characters (doing multiple surgeries throughout the 3 seasons) would be a TERRIBLE idea for the show, in that, if anyone got severly hurt on the island, they’d be a sitting duck to die. Jack wouldnt be there to repair him/her.
    I can’t stress enough how much of a good actor Matthew Fox is, and if he were to die the show would start going DOWNHILL.
    I really do hope that Jack is kept alive on the island so that the show remains “balanced” with it’s characters.

  3. Andreas says:

    I like Jack too, Matthew Fox is doing a great job.

    Jack isn’t the only doctor though. Desmond “was almost a doctor once”, he is probably a trained doctor and would be able to do at least basic surgeries.

  4. Ryan says:

    I agree with the post, Jack will face a pretty bleak situation regardless of the fate of Sawyer and Kate. However, I wouldnt be surprised if Juliet saves him, or if indeed Ben keeps his word when he revives him.

    More disturbingly we see yet another instance of Jack’s inept leadership under fire. the whole machismo self-sacrifice things is all well and good, but how does he possibly think this would work? All they would have to do is threaten Sawyer’s life and Kate would betray the whole plan. If I was in that situation I would have demanded that Kate/Sawyer were brought to me, along with enough guns, taken everyone in sight hostage and been on the boat before Ben even woke up.

  5. Poopypants says:

    - Face it , Jack is History.
    - Hes gone one way or the other, either he goes home or he gets killed, either way he’s off the show.
    - Plus ,like Andreas says,Dessy is virtualy a Doc anyhow.
    -I thought we were not going to be discussing possible spoilers, Hmm ???,I guess by the number of posts since that “rule” went in thats out the window now huh.
    - I think its true,thoughts?

  6. patience says:

    Jack isn’t going to die atleast not anytime soon. Lockes going to save them. Lift up your eyes.

  7. Poopypants says:

    I would say if you dont like the spoilers write A.B.C.,dont get mad at people talking about it,I mean,is not this site here to talk about the show?,if we cant discuss it here …???,know what I mean?.Its these ignorant fools down at A.B.C. that keep ruining the up comming shows with these stupid clips.Catering to the massas again no doubt,well I say **** the masses.I dont really want to talk about spoilers either,theories yes,give away clips no,I have sent these nominds at ABC several emails,to no avail telling …er ,I mean asking them to quit with promos,please feel free to do the same.

  8. Poopypants says:

    Locke save someone?,thats rich.This guy gets screwed over more times,lol,its hilarious.Although everytime he gets knocked down he gets back up fighting so im pulling for ole Lockie but I for one hope its true that ole Jackie boy leaves the show,I mean hes at his peak,the above artical makes sense,it could only be downhill from here so ,as they say in Hollywood,always leave them wanting more.So long Jackie boy

    Ps. someone please explain the phrase “Always leave them wanting more to Ms.Lilly,thank you.

  9. Liz says:

    Hi everyone. I’ve been reading this site for a while now but this is my first post. Please be kind. haha…

    First Thought:
    I really hope that they don’t kill Jack off. I know that Matthew Shepard has really taken off again with Lost but I think it would totally kill the story line and the number of viewers (especially girls). I think Jack balances the main characters of Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, and Locke. I know I would probably start to lose interest in the show if he was killed off since he is one favorite characters. I don’t think that they could kill off any of the main charcters and still keep the show interesting. If they kill any one off it should be two random people on the beach that started hanging out with Locke.

    Second Thought:
    I can’t wait to find out more about Desomond and the Others. They need to show some of their backflashes.

    Third Thought:
    I want to find out who the father of Sun’s baby is…what a liar she turned out to be!

  10. icnivad odranoel says:

    Ironically, if you watched the special features on the Season 1 DVD’s, Jack was supposed to have died early on in the first season. The Airline pilot who was eaten by the smoke monster was initially going to be Jack … yep, the dead body at the top of the tree.
    However, the network balked at this because a significant emotional investment in the character had been established with viewers and they felt it would be a HUGE let-down to kill him off.
    It doesn’t mean he isn’t expendable. This show has proven that anyone is truly expendable at the cost of furthering the plot.
    The worry would be that it becomes too cliche. I love apolcalyptic films like zombie flicks where there are thirteen protagonists and only one survives but honestly, that would be a cop out. You root for some or most of your heroes to survive. I know I’m more rooting for Sawyer to have an epiphany of sorts, like G’Kar on Babylon5 and become something different … something better. Jack? I’d hate to see him killed off. He’s been the glue holding the castaways together. I don’t know that it would be plausible for the group to hold if he was removed from the equation.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  11. Andreas says:

    Regarding the discussion of spoilers, I’d say this is more of a rumor than a spoiler. It hasn’t been confirmed that Jack will die, it’s just speculation.

    I really agree that killing Jack would be a bad decision for Lost and ABC since the show would loose viewers, but it would be very interesting to see how Jack’s death would affect the other survivors. Would they find a new leader in Locke? Would someone else try to take control or is anarchy up next on Lost?

  12. Todd says:

    With all seriousness, Jack is not going to die. Just face the facts.
    -He would be the only one who could do MAJOR surgeries.
    -Jack is too much of a loved character
    -Jack is in a situation where killing him off wouldn’t bring any SPARKS to the show.
    -Matthew Fox (rumored) has a contract with LOST. You cannot go into something as big as a tv show or movie without some sort of contract.

    And about the spoiler thing, this is not a spoiler it is simply a rumor that we are discussing to find everyones opinions whether or not this RUMOR can come true.

  13. Todd says:

    Poopypants I just want to know what you input is on IF Jack dies what the show will be like.

    -Would it be total chaos? No one will know he is dead on the beach so, they will MOST LIKELY go to find him. And when they get there all they can find is his body? Then the others capture Sayid, Locke and a bunch more characters? (Trust me these writers would not do that)
    -In one of your posts poopypants, you say he might be sent home. Would Jack go back for the other people on the beach? OF COURSE!!! If you don’t think Jack will do SOMETHING else to help instead of just letting the others free him to go home, then you obviously don’t know the show of LOST very well. Knowing his character he WILL do something. The writers of the show would not change the way he thinks for greed.
    Poopypants, I’d really like to hear your comments on this! Please leave one.

  14. matthewfoxgirl says:

    he better not die and I think that if he does they will loose a lot of the viewers off the show and they will not be able to air anymore.

  15. MasterPo says:

    Jack won’t die. Not in seasons 3 anyway. Something may happen where the Others fake his death (like Ben fooled Sawyer with the rabbit), or, Kate and Sawyer *think* he’s dead but he won’t die and I don’t think Lost will loose viewers (unless there’s a radical change in story approach – but they do need to provide more answers to things!!)

    Like I’ve said before: You can NOT trust Ben at his word to take Jack “home”! To Jack “home” means back to the good ‘ol USA. But to Ben “home” might be back to the beach, back to another hatch, Ben’s home (assuming Ben isn’t from Earth or our reality – still a possiblity IMO), and in fiction “home” has often been used as a euphamism for death/heaven/being with G-d.

  16. Lesley says:

    I think the PTB like all the rumors, especially during the hiatus with so many “critics” speculating LOST will lose viewers. Although Jack is in a precarious position, I think he will win, Kate and Sawyer will leave the island and Ben will survive. Although Ben might be pissed I am guessing that he will secretly acknowledge the ingenuity of Jack’s move and spare him his life. Maybe even try to convince Jack to join their cause. I am not sure whether he will take him home as I have my doubts regarding his ability to actually leave the island(s). Ben never really cared one way or the other about Sawyer and Kate so I don’t imagine he will care when/if they escape (he didn’t seem to care that Pickett intended to kill Sawyer). His only interest in Kate and Sawyer was the leverage they provided in getting him his operation. I think Jack is safe for now. I also agree with everyone that Matthew Fox has done an incredible job with the character.

  17. Pastor2churches says:

    Can we make a correlation between Jack not dying and Kate not being able to leave the island without Jack? (She seemed to say to Jack “I can’t leave”, not “I won’t leave.”) I seem to remember that it was Jack and Kate who took bandaids off their arms after being captured, and Sawyer did not. Is it possible that at the breakfast-on-the-beach with Ben, Kate was told that she and Jack somehow needed one another now, and if she ever left, Jack could die – thus, if Jack dies, so would Kate.

  18. KJ says:

    Eh. I never liked Jack, not from episode one. So if he died, I wouldn’t care. If he *doesn’t* die, I also wouldn’t care. Jack, despite his Main Character status and importance, doesn’t matter to me at all.

  19. Andreas says:

    [quote comment="16178"]Can we make a correlation between Jack not dying and Kate not being able to leave the island without Jack? (She seemed to say to Jack “I can’t leave”, not “I won’t leave.”) I seem to remember that it was Jack and Kate who took bandaids off their arms after being captured, and Sawyer did not. Is it possible that at the breakfast-on-the-beach with Ben, Kate was told that she and Jack somehow needed one another now, and if she ever left, Jack could die – thus, if Jack dies, so would Kate.[/quote]

    It’s a very interesting idea. I’m not sure about Jack and Kate being the only ones with bandaids, but the idea of them being connected through some device could be possible. I’m thinking about the explosive devices that were implanted in the head of people in Mission Impossible 3. Maybe Ben did something similar to Jack and Kate and told Kate about it at their lunch.

  20. Todd says:

    Pastor2churches, I like that idea. We still haven’t figured out what the others implanted into Jack and Kate. But, also remember that the false “heart rate” surgery could have also been something they implanted in Sawyer.
    Personally, I do not think that there is anything (technology like) in Jack and Kate. But, the others do have their way with different “potions”. If Jack and Kate were some way connected it would be a total TWIST to the show because of the fact that she CANNOT leave.
    Also, I have my own theory that the others know everything that is going to happen. Like that Jack was going to hold Henry hostage in the surgery. They might have an outcome for this too.

    Also I have a question for Andreas.
    Is it possible to “subscribe” with my name Todd so that no one else can take it on the blog. Or, do i have to just keep typing that in as my name. Because a few weeks ago someone “posed” as me. Or, maybe their name was Todd too. But, I just need an answer on that. Thnx Andreas!
    Check out my site yall

  21. todd sanders says:

    no i didnt pose as you. i have the same name

  22. Poopypants says:

    Ok todd ,nobody knows the show like you ,

  23. Lesley says:

    I like Pastor’s idea as well. There was a reason they showed us Kate’s brunch with Ben that was never really clear…. My question would be once Ben has the surgery, what use does he have for Kate (and Sawyer)? Surely not spending time in the rock quarry. And wasn’t there some mention by Ben to Kate of two weeks being hell and again when Pickett and Juliet were whispering the mention of presumably that same two week time line being changed? February seems so very far away doesn’t it?

  24. Poopypants says:

    Greed and Self Preservation are not the same things Todd.
    -What would the show be like if Jack dies?,oh,I dont know,probably like the show was after Boone and Shannon died,or maybe like the show was after Ana Lucia and Libby died.Perhaps the show would be like the show was after Michael and Walt left the Island.
    Jeez maybe it would be like the show was the day after they found the hatch.But I guess the people over at the New York Post just make this stuff up off the top of their heads just to get a rise out of you,Todd.
    -You say “You cannot go into something as big as a tv show or movie without some sort of contract.”
    Todd,contracts have lengths and outs,you seem to assume he has signed some open-ended eternal contract when in fact its hinted at in the artical hes nearing the end of his contract,if you read it.Listen just because your fantasy lover boy Jack is gonna get clipped or sail away leaving his “Friends” behind dont get your panties in a knot and get pissed at me.So in closing if Jack dies the show will go on the same or better that it has been,Desmond and Locke are much more powerful and way more interesting charaters than some “woe is me” Golf playing Doctor who cant seem to keep the ladies satisified.Bet yea cant wait to find out how Jack got his tattoos,lol.Unhunch your back and put away your claws Todd,im sorry to tell yea its all true, say goodbuy to the Doc.And please,try not to take it to hard Toddy

  25. MasterPo says:

    Still think everyone is reading waaaaay too much into Kate’s breakfast (we’re still not sure if she ate anything) with Ben. It’s all part of the psychological warfare the Others are playing. Remember that Ben told Jack they had such a great plan to break him. Perhaps Kate is (was) part of that plan.

  26. KillerR says:

    You’re right Poopy, this show has too many angles for one character dying to bring it down. Sure fans would be upset, but that’s what fans do. The show would go on and any true fan would understand and trust the writers who know the storyline much better than we do. Maybe jack has served his purpose; just like ana, libby, eko, boone and shannon. His final purpose will be martyr as i’ve said before.

    Also, i think many of you are giving kate the proper credit. She has sold out person after person and if it means getting off that island and disappearing back into society she will do ANYTHING to accomplish that. I mean if she was willing to get tom killed she will do anything.

  27. Todd says:

    O.K, listen poopypants. JACK is not going to die. You want to know how I know? Well, he can’t die. Why? He still has unfinished business. Well, Whenever Jack “promises” something he always keeps his promise (whether it comes through miracle or not). You, say that good old Jacko is gonna die but, when he promises everyone that he WILL get them off the island safetly then he WILL do that.
    About the “show being different” thing, Jack is a MAJOR MAJOR character. Not like Ana Lusia or Libby and Shannon or Boone who haven’t really done much to “help” except did laundry or shoot innocent people. Trust me if Jack dies the show will go downhill. And Damon Lindelof even said that was INSANE!

  28. Andreas says:

    First of all, Poopypants and Todd, calm down. Just because you have different opinions that doesn’t mean that you need to get all aggressive about it.

    Calm down and discuss the matter in a civilized and intelligent manner.

    As for the argument, I agree with both of you. The show could very well continue without Jack, but he is one of the most central characters and if he dies the show will take a hit.

  29. Todd says:

    Sorry Andreas. I would really like to take a “patent” on my name for this site. Is it possible?

  30. Annie says:

    I think you’re forgetting one little detail… When Ben and Jack discussed Ben’s surgery, Ben promised Jack that if he made it through the surgery, he would get him off of the island. Unfortunatly for Jack, I think that may only mean the “Alcatraz” island. Back to the beach for Jack (if all goes well…)

  31. Andreas says:

    Todd, Is it really necessary?

    The thought behind the open commenting system is that it should be easy for anyone to just jump in and join the discussion without the need to register first.

    My advice would be to choose a unique enough nick name when you post to avoid that anyone else uses the same name by coincidence.

    If you are a regular on the site, use a somewhat unique name and feel that someone is pretending to be you, just send me a mail about it and I will ask the “impostor” to use another name. If he or she refuses I will ban them from the site.

    Registering user names would be possible and could have some benefits, so I’m going to take a look at it and see if it feels right for the site.

  32. Andreas says:

    [quote comment="16278"]I think you’re forgetting one little detail… When Ben and Jack discussed Ben’s surgery, Ben promised Jack that if he made it through the surgery, he would get him off of the island. Unfortunatly for Jack, I think that may only mean the “Alcatraz” island. Back to the beach for Jack (if all goes well…)[/quote]

    You might be right Annie. We’ve discussed this before and Ben did indeed only promise to get jack “off this island” and to take him “home”, but this could of course just mean to take him back to the island where Locke and the other castaways are.

  33. cheese says:

    mathew fox has been around awhile i recall him in party of five , lol. he quiet popular with the ladys.

    i think hes done good acting job, so far and would be sad to see him go, however,it will not stop me from watching lost if hes gone.

    i really would like to see more acting by locke and desmond my 2 favs,these guys have more i reckon,. well to me they do.

    back to jack (mathew fox) i quess we have to wait and see if dies or is sent away, i still think michael and walt are on one of the islands, who knows only the writers do, another one is Ben was very keen to get desmonds sailing boat, perhaps to send jack on his way,.

  34. KillerR says:

    Poopy and Todd if you two don’t stop touching eachother back there I’m going to turn this site around and start deleting posts. Hehehe:)
    But anyway, when Ben was refering to “home” he was pointing at and talking about the red sox game, elections, and superman dying. He kept his word with micheal, so maybe he means it, because once jack serves his purpose he will nolonger be needed.

  35. Poopypants says:

    look I didnt post the artical,I just gave my opinion on it.I thought thats what we do here.if you scroll up you will see i never rip on ANYONES ideas,ever,in any posts.So Todd if you think he lives/stays good for you.i’ll write what i want and that is that.And if you dont like what people say or think on here you can go back to that hole you call your site:) have a nice dayPs.i have never been to your site,but i think its a good guess.

  36. Poopypants says:

    Pps. And the only reason I responded to Todd personaly is because he asked me to in his post

  37. Andreas says:

    Poopypants, I don’t like the attitude in your posts. See this as a warning. The next time you try to insult people in the comments you will be banned.

    The Lost Blog is my site and I am the only one who gets to tell people that they can shut up or leave or that I will delete posts.

    I’m closing the commenting on this post.

  38. Kat says:

    so my bro got to see the last episode of season six cuz he is some important movie person. btws i am super jealous.

    anyway jack dies. which sucks.

  39. josh says:

    He dies

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