Day Break canceled, Lost Moments gone?

According to Lost-Media, “Day Break”, the show that was supposed to fill the void during the Lost hiatus, has been pulled by the network.

The entire story-arch of “Day Break” was planned for a single season, so it’s sad to see that ABC doesn’t have the balls to stick with it until the end. Even though the show only attracted around 4.5 million viewers, canceling a show that was going to end pretty soon is both cowardly and unfair to the 4.5 million who watch it and were looking forward to the conclusion.

ABC has said that fans will be able to follow “Day Break” online at, but couldn’t promise that all the remaining episodes would be available on the website.

Repeats of comedies “George Lopez” and “According to Jim” will take Day Break’s previous timeslot until January 3 when sitcoms “Knights of Prosperity” and “In Case of Emergency” will debut.

There is no news on how this will affect the “Lost Moment” clips that were airing with “Day Break”. I consider the clips to be spoilers which do more harm than good, so we don’t write about them. If the “Lost Moments” have been canceled too, there is at least something good coming out of this.

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24 Responses to Day Break canceled, Lost Moments gone?

  1. patience says:

    hopefully the lost moments are gone they already ruined some stuff for me.

  2. patience says:

    my own fault though, but they might as well put heroine in a mary statue.

  3. Hmm says:

    Huh? What about those of us that dug em? No sense in punishing us just because some fans can’t help but watch it and blame TV programming for their human error.

  4. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”21293″]Huh? What about those of us that dug em? No sense in punishing us just because some fans can’t help but watch it and blame TV programming for their human error.[/quote]

    You’re in all your right to like them. I just wrote what my personal opinion was.

  5. Juli Enn says:

    Daybreak was a great concept; however, the acting was definitely not up to par. That made it quite painful to watch merely the season premiere. Admittedly, we are not attached to our telly and therefore quite picky about the shows that we watch. Life is too short to settle. Our household chose not to watch the Lost Moments that were aired. That would have been akin to peeking at the gifties afore Yule arrives. The cancellation of Daybreak is no great loss. It is too bad that there was not something else in the wings that might have been aired in its place instead of comedic reruns.

  6. Martijn says:

    It’s a shame… I started to really enjoy daybreak after watching episode 5. As Andreas said… it is both cowardly and unfair to the 4.5 million who watch it.

  7. cg says:

    i hate how lost is moving to 10 at night, if ur a real lost fan u wouldnt waste time waching american idol over lost

  8. downthehatch says:

    [quote comment=”21728″]It’s a shame… I started to really enjoy daybreak after watching episode 5. As Andreas said… it is both cowardly and unfair to the 4.5 million who watch it.[/quote]

    I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree. I didn’t think they’d cancel it because it is only 13 episodes long. FIrst the Nine and now this. I am starting to lose faith in ABC and I doubt I will start another series on their network.

  9. MasterPo says:

    ABC wants the home-run, not happy with just a base hit. And when they do find the home run show they move it to another time slot!?

  10. Screw ABC says:

    Typical no-brain decision made by the nettwirp execs! How do they EVER expect a viewer to be loyal to a show, when the own network wont even follow through with it? PATHETIC. This is why nobody gives a damn about tv shows anymore. And changing days and times of shows pisses people off even more! Once they start screwing around like this, if I cant find the show when I want to watch it, I just dont watch anymore.

  11. An ANGRY WF 30-35 says:

    I CANNOT believe this. The best show on television, and they YANK it? What, so we can watch more “UGLY BETTY”???? What do these guys have inside their heads instead of brains? Marshmallows?

  12. Andreas says:

    “Angry WF 30-35″, was Day Break the best show on television or are you referring to Lost, because Lost is not canceled.

  13. DayBreak Fan says:

    This hurts. I’m so bummed that I pulled Lost off my TiVo schedule and I’m not watching any more ABC shows until I see the rest of this line. It’s a free country and I like Lost, but Day Break was totally Rocking.

  14. Unortho says:

    Day Break was a very good show. The acting was just fine. It started off a little rocky, because I wasn’t sure how they were going to keep a dramatic version of “Ground Hog Day” interesting. But they did. I don’t watch many shows, but this one had my attention. I’d hate to see ABC make more money off of a stupid mistake (pulling the show) but I don’t see why they don’t just put the entire series on their web site or even just put it on ITunes. They’ll make some money that way and we still get to see the rest of the show.

  15. Daybreak Heartbroken says:

    I think it is a shame Daybreak was pulled. When you think there are finally some good mysteries to get caught up on, you get left hanging! Phew-yee ABC….

  16. ahmed says:

    First the pull Daybreak … then Cancel it … Then they tell us we can watch it online … Now they have deleted any mention of the show off the website. Do they just not want anyone to ever watch the network again. There was a way to handle this and this is by far the dumbest and most arrogant way to do it. There is no loyality anymore so why even support anything this network does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hammer says:

    Hey all. I was e-unavailable during the Christmas break.:)

    Hope all had a great holiday.

    Has there been anymore talk about moving up the date on the second half of S3?

  18. Andreas says:

    Hey Hammer

    To my knowledge there has been no more mentions about moving the second half. I’m beginning to think that the site that originated the rumor made it up to get visitors.

  19. Hammer says:


  20. Graham says:

    I kept waiting for the next episode of day break to air, and it never did. I am sad to see it go, It was my favorite show so far this year. I really liked the idea of of a story arch that extend past one show but isn’t so long that it never ends. I hope to see the rest of the shows sometime.

  21. MR says:

    Thank goodness it finally BACK!! Starts Monday, Jan. 29th! WHOO HOO!!!

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