Evangeline's home burns down

Evangeline Lilly’s rental home in Kailua, Hawaii burned down early this morning.

Fortunately, neither Evangeline or her two roommates were home at the time and no injuries were reported.

Photo courtesy of Morgan Janus and The Honolulu Advertiser

The Honolulu Advertiser writes:

Five fire trucks responded to the call around 6:45 a.m. Neighbors said the fire started at least by 6:30 and quickly spread. There was nobody home at the time. “Lost” was filming at a Waialua Beach this morning and one of Lilly’s roommates who works on the set returned home after the fire was out.

This is really sad. I’m glad Evangeline and her roommates are alright and I hope they didn’t lose anything too valuable in the fire.

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6 Responses to Evangeline's home burns down

  1. Matt says:

    I usually avoid playing the grammar Nazi, but when you’re writing a blog about a show called “Lost”, you really should be able to spell the word “lose”. Once again, sorry to pick nits, just one of those things.

    P.S. Don’t mean to trivialize Ms. Lilly’s loss, which is really unfortunate.

  2. Andreas says:

    Thanks for the correction Matt. English is not my native language and lose/loose is just one of those things I manage to get wrong now and then.

    Thanks for pointing it out though. Hopefully my brain will be able to register the correct spelling sooner or later!

  3. carebare says:

    don’t worry, andreas, you used the correct form. lose is the present/future tense of ‘lost’ and loose is the opposite of tight. =)

  4. Maurice Tift says:

    She seems like a genuinely nice person in TV interviews and other events. I think that’s why this sort of thing bothers us. Hopefully all of her friends and her roommates’ friends will pitch in and help out – helping her to replace things that were lost.

  5. Hammer says:

    I mentioned this before…mostly because I dislike nit picking written messages. Loose has a secondary definition “-vi To loose something.” in The New International Webster’s Pocket Dictionary Of The English Language (as well as others). Before I get lectured…no it is not common and most English majors will tell you not to use it…but it is acceptable. (A little tip I got from an English prof. years ago.)

  6. Andreas says:

    Thanks for clarifying Hammer!

    Edit: For those readers who didn’t see the spelling mistake – I’ve now edited the last line in the original post from “loose anything” to “lose anything”.

    I really hope that the fire was an accident (you never know with stalkers and crazy people) and that Evie and her roommates find a new home as soon as possible.

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