Hawaiian students win Lost internships

Out of 40 applicants at University of Hawaii-Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media, 10 lucky students were selected for internships at on the set of Lost reports Pacific Business News.

The interns will rotate between the production office, art department, locations, wardrobe and the assistant director’s department. Jean Higgins, Lost co-executive producer had this to say:

“We have great expectations for our first class of UH interns. We are very excited to be able to help both the future of the Hawaii film community and the next generation of filmmakers.”

It’s kinda like Willy Wonka‘s golden tickets. Without the tickets and chocolate and on the set of Lost, but still!

As an aspiring filmmaker, I would love getting an internship on Lost. Sounds both entertaining and very interesting. Congrats to the 10 students!

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One Response to Hawaiian students win Lost internships

  1. Josh Huval says:

    Lucky guys. That is the best possible experience they could be getting in college. Congratulations!

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