ABC News Story Regarding Lost

A really good article was posted today on related to the season finale of Lost and what is in store for the series over the next 3 years. The story also contains some good commentary from Damon and Carlton related to who they would want on a deserted island with them from the cast and their thoughts about how the Internet has affected the series.

After three years and countless viewer questions, the executive producers of “Lost” have promised fans what they want most from the May 23 season finale: answers.

“We sort of see each season as a book, and we’re going to be concluding this book of ‘Lost,'” co-executive producer Carlton Cuse said during a break from editing the third season’s final episode. “The finale promises a showdown between our guys and the Others, and we really deliver on that.”

Notwithstanding the obvious libido-driven answers, if you could only choose 3 Losties to have on the Island with you, who would you choose?

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37 Responses to ABC News Story Regarding Lost

  1. DShsft says:

    Maybe Locke, Walt and Sayid.

  2. amber13 says:

    definitely Sayid, Kate, and Locke; because they are the most fearless and ***kicking losties on that crazy island….

  3. Poopypants says:

    Notwithstanding the obvious libido-driven answers, if you could only choose 3 Losties to have on the Island with you, who would you choose?

    – Shannon,Nikki and Alex

  4. sayidrocks15 says:

    Sayid-He seems to know the most about survival in a hostile situation….and he has great instinct.

    Jack-He’s a doctor….so I guess I would have to have him.

    Kate-I agree with Amber…..Kate has no problem going up against Others or unknown things in the jungle. She is pretty fearless!

  5. Adam says:

    Hugo – he’s kinda lighthearted guy – his dialogs make my fears and doubts go away
    Jack – he’s got this leader kinda thingie, I would feel I can reasonably talk to him and discuss all the issue freely
    Lock/Sayid – cannot really decide between those 2 – they all have some issues with their past and can be dangerous in certain ways, both are brave enough (although for different reasons I guess) to face any danger we could encounter there… if under a gun, I’d say Sayid whatsoever…

  6. Lostville says:

    Kate, Claire and Nikki. Hmm…

  7. Bob says:

    Sayid, for his no fear attitude, Jack to patch us up, and Lock for his tracking and survival skills.

  8. GuttahMan says:

    Id take Naomi, Kate, and Claire cuz their all sexy and if im stuck on a desert island i might as well be happy while im there!!

  9. Claire (She’s fertile… we might have to repopulate this island, right?)

    Sayid (He’s the only one who’s proven to consistently think logically, albeit with loads of cynicism.)

    Desmond (Those flashes could definitely come in handy…)

  10. LostDamery says:

    hmmm 3 cents:
    1) Sayid – I trust him more than any other…I mean lostie. and he can kick but and fix things too.
    2) Locke – sure he is out there but he brings home the bacon..or is it Boar?
    3) Desmond – cuz he likes a good drink and tells you what might be coming next…brutha!

    However if I was a single man it would be:
    Naomi, Claire, Juliet…if nothing else but for the beauty of it all.

  11. spiralturtle says:

    Sayid and Locke for their survival skills, plus Locke is a good hunter and Sayid good at fixing communications devices.

    Hurley for his morale boosting abilities.

    Plus, conversations around the campfire w/ all three would be very interesting…

  12. Erin says:

    I can only pick three? That’s tough.

    Sawyer. I love him. And he makes me laugh.

    Sayid. He’s the only one that consistently uses his common sense. And he’s got good survival instincts.

    Jack. He’s a doctor. A pain in the butt these days, but still a doctor.

  13. kris says:

    I’m going to slightly break the rules. I’d want these three on the island with me…

    1) Mikhail (Combat Medic, Communications Officer, and a fairly good fighter all rolled up into one)
    2) Sun (She seems to be able to do almost anything she wants or needs to)
    3) Desmond (Foresight is a very special and useful gift)

  14. Julie says:

    So… my three..

    Sayid because lets face it, he’s a badass.

    Jack because he’s a doc, even though I think he should grow some ____.

    Sawyer because, well just because. Nuff’ said. :)

  15. mikec says:

    Gotta be:

    Locke – so much wisdom and he eats mangoes in such a special way, i could watch that man eat mangoes all day he’s so funny.

    Desmond – Don’t really wanna jock there but he is the man ent he any white man who uses the word brother that much has gotta be there

    Charlie – Could do some jammin’ sessions then maybe could be a rock n roll duo.

  16. lost chicka says:

    If I could only choose 3 it would probably be:

    Sayid because he’s a better leader then jack (i think) and always uses his brain rather than instinct. he’s the only one who has been in a war, he’s almost always right, and he seems very down to earth. Oh, and he’s been in the republican guard so he has to know something about how to fix people up (he helped charlie when they were chasing danielle to get aaron back, right?).

    Hurley because somebody who built a golf course, found a van to drive around in, and is funny is priceless.

    Sawyer because he’s a badass, he’s emerging as a leader, and he can shoot polar bears. Polar bear meat probably lasts longer than boar.

    I wouldn’t pick Locke because he’s just there for himself and Jack is a pain in the @$$.

  17. Ellie says:

    I would pick:

    Sayid for all the obvious reasons that everybody has already said.

    Danielle because she’s been there for 16 long years.

    Sun since she’s growing a gardern and is just a very interesting character.

  18. Lesley says:

    Sayid – It has all been said he is the best of all of them, hands down
    Locke/Des – One has the connection and one has the sight the choice would revolve around whether Des can overcome his inability to act or whether Locke continues to remain so gullible………Oh what the hell, change that to Sawyer 8-)
    Kate – She has the survival instincts, tough as nails and a girl has to have someone to talk to.

  19. Professor says:

    Ginger – Hot
    Mary Anne – Wholesome
    Gilligan – No competition

  20. LostDamery says:

    [quote comment=”61019″]
    1) Mikhail (Combat Medic, Communications Officer, and a fairly good fighter all rolled up into one)[/quote]
    What? How many fights has he won? 0
    C’mon trade up and pick Sayid he will give you all you are looking for….

    Just had to reply….Mikhail???

  21. Rita says:


  22. duke says:

    Hurley – if anyone will find food he will.
    Kate – easy on the eyes.
    Sayid – obviously.

  23. MKS says:

    Sayid- because he is my current Lost hero.

    Hurley- because if you’re gonna be stuck on an Island for who knows how long, you might as well have someone fun along.

    The Island heals you if it likes you and kills you if it doesn’t, so I’ll pass on the doctors. That leaves me with… let’s see…

    Vincent- because I love dogs and he would not let them bury me alive. Plus he seems to be the best at knowing when danger is coming. (and if, as some have theorized, he is somehow Jacob, I got him on my side- yep, can’t lose with the puppy).

  24. jbdean says:

    Well, libido-drivn or not … I’d have to pick Desmond, Locke and Ben (but if Ben was busy I’d be happy to take Richard). But really there is more to it than just sex appeal.

    DESMOND: He’s kind and caring, faithful and trustworthy. He’s smart and resourceful and brave but not super hero gaudy. He has a good sense of humor and his flashes might help us avoid problems.

    LOCKE: He has the most connection to the island than anyone else. How could I not pick him? He’s a survivor and great hunter. He and Des could bring home the “bacon” and I could fry it in the pan. LOL He’s clever, made that cradle for Claire. And well, I would feel good having him there.

    BEN: He cracks me up when he gets so serious. But he has a nice smile and is the next closest to knowing the island so he’d be good to have with me, too. But he’d have to play nice with Locke or no dice.

    RICHARD: Well, my theory is that he’s from the Black Rock so if Ben wouldn’t stay on the island with me, I’d have to take Richard because, if my theory is correct, he has the longest connection to the island and he seems to get along very well with Locke.

  25. zoya says:

    Sayid – the only one who thinks clearly

    Sawyer – Almost everything you need rolled into one!

    Eko – I loved the sound of his voice/accent.

  26. Wm I says:

    Hunt, Eat, Sleep, repeat !

    That’s: Locke, Hurley, Kate !

  27. THE LOST KING says:

    Locke because of his ace tracking skills and great faith

    Kate for a bit of eye candy

    Desmond to predict the future

    + all these people kinda get on

  28. Wingman says:

    Kate, Alex, Nikki..

    The Others wouldn’t have to kill me as I’d give my life energy to the lovefest of pleasing these 3 women..Unfortunatlet they’d die after I preggers them from the Island’s soopa-sperm properties, but I’d probably be dead by then anyways…No searching for hatches, no smoke monster escapades, just sweet relations…

    If Ben gave me the option of being in a cage with these 3 for the purpose of recreating, I’d sell out the entire Beach and become an other..LMAO

  29. Bobola says:

    Just going by sexual appetite…superficial… I know, but I’m just being truthful;
    Papa-chica, Claire, and Sun.
    I could be very happy to stay on the island with any one of them.
    If I was thinking survival; Sayid, Jack, and Desmond.
    Maybe trade Locke for Jack if he’s still alive.

    But the Hot ones right now are the Looking Glass Babes.

  30. Wingman says:

    LOL Papa-chicka????

  31. Bobola says:

    Sorry typo;
    I meant Para-chica

  32. kara says:

    Sayid- Military skills

    Locke-Hunting and spiritual connection to Island

  33. Amanda says:

    Ok So many of my questions were not answered on Lost. Like what the heck was that black smoke that attacked everyone. In the funeral jack went to see did Ben die,who did? Is Kate with sawyer. I love Lost and it is still my favorite show. But i want more answers!

  34. cghistorymaker says:

    I would like to have Jack, Locke, and Hurley….

    Jack is a doctor and he’s hot

    Locke is connected to the island and a great hunter

    and Hurley is hilarious and great to be around.
    :) C

  35. Leslie says:

    Strictly for pleasure purposes I would choose Jack: So I can “fix” him.
    Sawyer: Because, Mmmm Yummy and
    Desmond: To hear him yell, “Yes Sista”
    For survival it would be
    Sayid: completely calm, cool, and collect but still kicks butt.
    Jack: Great leader and would always have your back.
    Kate: Knows no fear, is intelligent, street smart, and can whoop some rear end.

  36. Nicksalittlelost says:

    If this were a draft…

    1. Sayid is the consensus number one pick: soldier, technician, survivor, almost always right on tough calls.

    2. Two is a hard decision, it could be Jack, or it could be Locke. It kind’ve depends on if you are a “man of science, or man of faith.” Jack has the obvious upside of being a doctor, a decent person, and a leader. But if Locke posesses an “island power” it is tough not to go with him. However, Locke has some trouble with making smart decisions (not to say that Jack hasn’t made the wrong call) and I just think he is a little too unstable. Plus, his hunting skills are a little overexaggerated (anyone who has hunted bhor knows that they are not that hard to track) So I’ll go with Jack.

    3. You could take Jack or Locke at number three (whichever you didn’t take at number two. But for the sake of argument, I think this should be a toss up between Desmond and Eko. Again, both have “sixth sense” sortve insight; and again both have some flaws when it comes to rationality. Desmond would be more pleasant to have around, but Eko is a better fighter/tracker, as well as being an alright guy himself. I would just be worried about him having a dream and being told to kill me (because he would) as opposed to Desmond having a vision and trying to save me from death.

    So my picks are: 1.Sayid 2.Jack 3.Desmond

  37. AC says:


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