Lost Podcast Review

As promised, here is our summary of the Lost Podcast posted last Friday on ABC.com:

-Damon and Carlton make sure we know this is a “special” suprise podcast given the dates relevance to the crash date of Oceanic 815

-At end of the 3rd Season, the survivors have been on the Island for about 100 days

-They are “busily” at work on Season 4, not sure when they are exactly going back on the air, but will be in February for sure; again day and time slot are not official

-There will be flash forwards and flash backs moving forward

-Carlton and Damon then suprise a few Lost listeners by calling them and allowing them to ask questions:

Warning, Possible Spoilers!!

*First Question: Have you guys had a definite plan related to the love triangle of Sawyer/Kate/Jack?

-They have agreed on who Kate will ultimately end up with, but didn’t elaborate beyond that… The flash forward was not the end of the show, even though things look grim for Kate and Jack.

*Second Question: Was the flash forward a definite occurrence, or was that a “possible” future?

-Damon and Carlton are not big fans of multiple futures, and are working very hard to maintain continuity, “the future is the future”. Damon does say that time and time travel will continue to be a show motif.

*Third Question: What is happening with Richard Alpert?

-Nestor was cast to play Alpert and his storyline was ramped up given his initial performance around the same time he did the “Cane” pilot. They essentially have him parked for now and the success of Cane will probably dictate how available Nestor is so that Alpert’s storyline can be tied up.

*Fourth Question: Are Nikki and Paulo really dead?

-Yes (there was more conversation here, rather pointless)

Fifth Question: Will we find out if Kate is pregnant with Sawyer’s child?

-We will find out, and probably within the first 4 episodes

Sixth Question: Is Mikhail still alive?

-No, but will probably be part of backstories, etc.

That pretty much sums up the podcast, nothing profound, but at least we have more information on where some things stand. The most interesting conversation was related to the confirmation that the flash forward we saw is the definite future, not a possible one; so Jack really does get to that alcoholic, pill-popping, miserable state of existence we saw him in… I cannot wait until February!

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13 Responses to Lost Podcast Review

  1. Anon2 says:

    Typo? I think they are calling the N.Carb. show “Cane”, not “Cain”, as in sugar cane.

  2. Blost says:

    Please, warn us when the post is a spoiler

    … ” Will we find out if Kate is pregnant with Sawyer’s child?”

  3. ANON2 says:

    ref: SPOILER. I did not see a pregnancy SPOLIER… Yes she is, no she isn’t, yes its’ Sawyers, no it is not. not ANSWERED! they just said they’d get to answering it sometime in Feb 08.

    only poss. spoiler is NikPao. they are dead! some hoped for a mikhail like resurrection, but i guess not. being buried for 8 (island) days must equal death – not much of a spoiler there.


    Cane will release Nestor “Bat Manuel” Carbonell back to LOST before the Dec Holidays. His character will be killed-off in the plot line in order to plus ratings during the “November Sweeps” AND because Cane will not be renewed for a second season (or due to “a long hiatus”). Richard Alpert WILL become a significant factor in LOST and we need to start looking for Carb’s at the 08, 09, 10 Emmy nods.

  4. Toeknee says:

    RE: spoilers

    It’s a touchy subject, and everyone has a different opinion, but there are many people who consider ANYTHING that is related to an upcoming plotline a spoiler. Thus the mere fact that they said we will “find out if Kate is pregnant with Sawyer’s child” in the first 4 episodes is considered by some (many?) to be a spoiler, even though they didn’t tell us the answer to that lingering (and over-hyped already, IMHO) mystery.

  5. KillerR says:

    Yeah I thought the podcast was really good, too.

  6. SpinPapi says:

    It was very cool of them to call actual fans, although I love when they read the questions and rag on the more fanatical of us as well (in a fun way of course). If anything, it dispelled that we are all nuts! Everyone they called seemed smart and personable.

    I am sad that we won’t get much of Richard Alpert this season, because they really seemed to be ramping up his storyline. But I believe they also said they may be able to get him for an ep or two because the studio producing Cane is affiliated with ABC.

    Damon and Carlton *always* give small spoilers in their podcasts, so maybe people who don’t want even the slightest info should be warned away from these posts right at the top, with a suggestion not to listen to the podcasts as well.

    That said, *SPOILER ALERT FROM THE PODCAST* (that means stop reading now if you don’t want to know *wink*): they did confirm we’d get more of Libby’s story this season…something they’d already promised but not nailed down in the timeline.

    I say: hooray!!! =]

  7. ANON2 says:

    [- for all of the spoiler ninnies out there -]

    There is a ‘potentially’ hostile rescue freighter a few dozen miles offshore of the LOST island.
    //SPOILER ALERT — The freighter has people on it and we will see some of their stories and perhaps some of their flashbacks/flashforwards too. Questions will be raised, most of those question will be answered — SPOILER ALERT\\

    Some of the key and peripheral characters in LOST will face peril in the next three seasons.
    //SPOILER ALERT — Some of these folks may die AND some will survive. PLUS we may see familiar roles revived through the TV magic of flashback — SPOILER ALERT\\

    Hope I didn’t ruin the show for anyone.

  8. Troy says:

    Alright, this has nothing to do with this article, but I was just watching the new nbc show “Chuck” and im pretty sure he said “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by….” isnt that the flight the losties were on? do you think im reading to far into this part or what? somebody just let me know if you heard it because im freaking out

  9. Troy, I heard it too. Totally hilarious!

  10. dunt says:

    Did anyone catch Chuck yesterday? He stated, during his doctor’s exam, that Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by government…….then he trailed off. Chuck had government secrets downloaded into his brain after seeing an email with some pictures and subliminal messages. He stated this about oceanic flight 815 while being tested by a doctor as to what he could remember from the pictures. I just woder if someone from the Lost crew also works on Chuck and this could be a possible spoiler.

  11. Bobbi says:

    he didn’t finish the sentence, he simply said “oceanic flight 815 was shot down by….”
    He didn’t say ‘government’. But, I too was wondering, is this purposeful? Or just a friendly nod to the show Lost. If its more than that, I wonder if we should consider the possibility that indeed the flight was SHOT down. I’m not ready to read TOO MUCH into it, yet.

  12. SpinPapi says:

    So how was the show? (Chuck) Is it something you’d recommend to LOST lovers?

  13. dunt says:

    I’m not reading too much into it either. But they were government secrets downloaded into his brain. I watched it a couple of times from the dvr and I remember him saying goverment but I could be wrong. I wonder if someone who worked on Lost is also a member of the chuck crew?

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