Oceanic Airlines – Flights Resume Monday?!?

I am sure by now most of you have seen this, but I thought I would post it here to stir up some conversation. This video was released/posted yesterday, seems to be legit from ABC and has created a lot of buzz. Monday the site (which right now consists of this video and a downloadable pdf) should be relaunched with additional information. Interesting to note the destinations that Oceanic will be servicing:

Los Angeles, CA
Tustin, CA
Ames, IA
Miami, FL
New York, NY
Portland, OR
Knoxville, TN
Seoul, South Korea
Sydney, Australia

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14 Responses to Oceanic Airlines – Flights Resume Monday?!?

  1. dave says:

    So apparently Oceanic has hired the advertising firm behind those Live Links chat ads that Evangeline Lilly used to do.

  2. any four word phrase says:

    gotta say… I think it is just a high quality ruse!

  3. Fakahany says:

    Thats interesting.
    Sure Jack will hit in one of these flights.
    he has been hunting for flights that might crash :)

  4. Tyler says:

    I’ve seen the second woman somewhere in LOST before, but I can’t quite place it, and isn’t that third woman “Chrissy,” the woman that Jack argues with before he gets on the plane?

  5. Hurley's Dad says:

    Well, Chrissy is definitely NOT the third woman…

    The second one looks kind of like Tricia Tanaka, but I’m not betting on that either.

    Interesting that it says “Paid for by ABC, Inc.” when the second person is talking…..

  6. Hurley's Dad says:

    Also noticed the cities mentioned are more than likely the cities where the main characters are from (born?):

    Los Angeles, CA – Jack/Hurley?
    Tustin, CA – Locke
    Ames, IA – Kate
    Miami, FL – Juliet
    New York, NY – Michael/Rose
    Portland, OR – Ben
    Knoxville, TN – Sawyer
    Seoul, South Korea – Sun/Jin
    Sydney, Australia – Claire

    Interesting that there’s no London for Desmond despite the fact that one of the images behind the women talking is of Big Ben….

  7. Fakahany says:

    is this possibly a start for “The Lost Experience 2″ ?????

  8. gRegor says:

    I just checked the site flyoceanicair.com again and the video has changed from a couple days ago (it probably changed on the 31st, since that’s the date mentioned). Now it’s interrupted with flashes of a web site address and a guy talking about Sonya, who was on flight 815. The site is find815.com and is a video/flash puzzle type game (I’ve only gone through chapter 1). Very interesting.

  9. Josh says:

    Did anyone call the number on the bottom of the press release?

  10. SpinPapi says:

    @Josh: yes, I called it. it’s just a recording and they ask you to leave your name and number saying they’ll get back to you. I didn’t leave my info but I wonder if you did, if anyone would call you back or text you.

    anyone try this?

  11. carebare says:

    i called the number too… i pressed a button during the recording and it brought me to a company directory. i’m at work, so i didn’t have time to try a bunch of stuff, but i did press a couple letters and it rang for “michelle hanson, extension 6310″ … had the option of leaving a message there too, but i didn’t. i wonder if there are any hidden voicemails in these extensions, like for the hanso number from the last LE…. hmm…

  12. carebare says:

    apparently, i’m crazy because i haven’t been able to duplicate getting an employee directory… i wonder what i pressed?….

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