Monthly Archives: January 2008 – Chapter 5 Conclusion Video

After successfully completing the last activity, this is the video you get: It is quite interesting, for a couple reasons: 1) This helps us understand the comment Naomi made when she reached the Island in Season 3 – namely that … Continue reading

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Excitement surrounding Tonight's Lost Season 4 Premiere

There’s no shortage of media coverage surrounding tonight’s premiere. You would have to being living under the Black Rock to not know that Lost Season 4 debuts tonight. To tide us over for the rest of the day, since we … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End

Eight agonizing months later and Lost finally premieres with Season 4 – Episode 1, most appropriately titled “The Beginning of the End”. This episode marks the turning point for the entire series; we will now be counting down from 48 … Continue reading

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Since the last update we now have access to a new website (, a few emails, a clue hunt (which reveals that Sonya is somehow trying to communicate with Sam), and finally Sam’s diary where he lets us know that … Continue reading

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Tonight’s update included two new videos, one of which is made available after the completion of the first of two activities in this chapter (the second of which is not yet available), where you have to navigate the ship through … Continue reading

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Lost Missing Pieces: "So It Begins"

Obviously most of my attention has been diverted to, but what better way to conclude the Missing Pieces mobisodes just how they started, featuring Christian Shepherd. Only one problem – this time he is having a conversation… with Vincent … Continue reading

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Lost Season 4 – Premiere Week News

Just a reminder of a few happenings this week: *Enhanced Season 3 Finale on Wednesday Night: From Get ready for the Season Four premiere of “Lost” with a special presentation of the Season Three two-hour finale, “Through the Looking … Continue reading

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Sam’s Video Diary wraps Chapter 4 up nicely, setting us up for Chapter 5 and finally, the Season 4 Premiere of Lost: There were a number of clues that gave reference to the natural phenomena known as the Aurora Australis … Continue reading

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Lost featured in USA Today

Yesterday, USA Today’s Life section had a large feature on Lost and the upcoming season. There’s a pretty cool “Where are we?” section at the top of the page that outlines the 12 key characters on the show. The are … Continue reading

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The initial game posted for Chapter 4 (the plotter hack) was somewhat difficult, as most of you know, but I was able to get through it in about 3 tries… The video is below, and there was also a new … Continue reading

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