Update – Chapter 5 – January 30th, 2008

Since the last update we now have access to a new website (, a few emails, a clue hunt (which reveals that Sonya is somehow trying to communicate with Sam), and finally Sam’s diary where he lets us know that they’ve found the Black Rock, but that the weather is preventing further exploration:

One activity left, updates tomorrow prior to the premiere!

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8 Responses to Update – Chapter 5 – January 30th, 2008

  1. Toeknee says:

    So the Black Rock is submerged? Does that mean there are two Black Rocks, just like there are possibly two Oceanic 815′s?

    Hammer and Meg discussed this idea on the “So It Begins” post, but maybe as something or someone approaches the island it gets cloned or duplicated, and one version continues onto the island while the other one stays in the “real world”. I know there are a lot of holes in this theory, but like Hammer said, it would explain the second #15 bunny, Locke and Rose being “cured”, and perhaps the mysteries surrounding Christian’s fate. Maybe this also relates to the fact that Richard Alpert doesn’t seem to age, and to the variations in the appearance of Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund, and to Ben’s insistence that noone leave the island.

    It hurts my mind to think about how this could work.

    Just 14 more hours!

  2. carebare says:

    That is a really good theory. Like you said, certainly some holes, but I think it could be worked out…

    Also, maybe what Sam and Co. has found isn’t actually the Black Rock, but the wreckage of 815…

  3. Hammer says:

    I add to my theory. I think that whatever it is that the hatch controlled is what creates the time travel or cloning or whatever it is. It seemed like in the Orhid video that someone was setting or resetting something that created a second rabbit. I am thinking that when Dez was slow at the switch, it grabbed 815, creating a second one. People on the second plane were also able to die from the crash on the island as opposed the crash in our world that went to the ocean floor. Not every died on the island obviously. The reason Jack wants to go back to the island is because he died in our world and now he can’t handle our reality. He needs to go back to be “normal”.

  4. Johnnie Lost says:

    Tonight’s premiere, is it two separate episodes/ possible repeat, or just one two-hour season opener?

  5. Toeknee says:

    [quote comment="171951"]Tonight’s premiere, is it two separate episodes/ possible repeat, or just one two-hour season opener?
    The first hour is a re-cap show. The second hour is the new episode.

  6. Profit says:

    on the episode of lost where jack visits a funeral home and the name of the funeral home ment fast forward there was a mystery person in the casket and that person was sawyer.

  7. BlondJeepster99 says:

    I believe that it more than likely was Saywer. Being that Jack him neither friend nor family, but still felt compelled to say goodbye.

    It is hard to believe that it could have been Locke as most would agree they would have to drag him from the island he is not leaving. Ever.

    I had to pause though when Kate said she needed to get back before “He” would be looking for her. It made me think that she could possibly be meaning Sawyer.

    In tonight’s episode though, Sawyer intentionally pulled away from Kate in choosing Locke’s side. Basically making Kate decide between him and Jack once and for all. She appearantly hadn’t taken a step to join Saywer as she was with Jack when they met up with the parachuttest.

  8. Bob says:

    Does anyone know about or I found this clue on find815.

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