DarkUFO Lost Fantasy League for Season 5

Readers of The Lost Blog and DarkUFO have been invited to play in the DarkUFO Lost Fantasy League for Season 5. If any of you are familiar with fantasy sports leagues, the premise, rules and scoring will be easy to understand – if you are not, read them anyway because this could be fun:

Here’s how it works:
1) Please complete the submission form using the link below.
2) Please only submit entry 1 per person.
3) We have a new field to enter this year which allows you to select the site that you would like your results to appear in. EG If you are a Lost Blog reader and want to keep track of your place with other Lost Blog readers make sure you select Lostpedia from the Select Site option. NOTE: Everyone is still included in the full table but this allows other sites to easily track their own tables etc. Owners of these sites should be providing details of the league in the appropriate forums/blogs/sites.
4) You must use a valid email address.
5) This email address will NOT be displayed or sold to any third party marketing companies and will ONLY be used to contact you if you are a prize winner and to send you a confirmation of your picks.
6) Only fill out the Celebrity Code field if you have already been contacted by DarkUFO.
7) Make sure you enter your team Name so that it is unique to you. The team name is the name you will use to find your team in the full table- eg Don’t call your team LOST or Sawyer or Jack etc Make it unique like Andy’s Greatest Fantasy Team :) (but please, nothing obscene or tasteless)
8) After you have submitted your team you should receive an email confirming your picks. Please check your Spam/Junk Folder if you don’t receive one within an hour.
9) If you are a member of one of the sites listed, make sure that other site members know about the Fantasy League so that you can compete against your friends.

Make sure to denote you are a reader from The Lost Blog so that we can keep track of our subset!.

Read more about the league and scoring here – http://darkufo.blogspot.com/2008/06/announcing-season-5-darkufo-lost.html

Sign-up here – http://jotform.com/form/81620010342

Once you create a team – feel free to post who you chose and why in the comments section. You have until August (approximately) to register your team.

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28 Responses to DarkUFO Lost Fantasy League for Season 5

  1. lost4ever says:

    I’ll take Ladanain Tomlinson with the first overall pick, Adrian Pederson with the second….OOPS wrong type of fantasy league. It does look very enjoyable.

  2. Hammer says:

    [quote comment="237407"]I’ll take Ladanain Tomlinson with the first overall pick, Adrian Pederson with the second….OOPS wrong type of fantasy league. It does look very enjoyable.[/quote]

    LOL, I managed to get the 1st pick in my FFL the last two season and took LT. Won the championship last season.

  3. Hugo says:

    I took up Ben, Sawyer, Ji Yeon, Abbaddon, Jacob and Kelvin. Hope they do well :)

  4. Gup says:

    My team is- Richard Alpert, Rose, Hurley, Penny, Ji-Yeon, Libby, Mr Eko and Jin. Can’t wait to see how I do!

  5. Hugo says:

    Also Had Eko and Faraday.

  6. Hammer says:

    Team name: Hammer’s Whisperers….LOL.

    ‘Cause they’ll all be whispering by the finale. :)

  7. roses12 says:

    my team is called Hurley’s Constant Curvature. a heads up to his girth and a mathematic term to describe the shape of our ever expanding universe. it also states that if you travel far enough then everything comes back to the begining eventually. I like this circular theory that the end of lost will bring us round to season 1, everything slotting into place.

    team HCC is: locke, jacob, hurley, charles widmore, sarah shephard, goodwin, mikhail, faraday

    most have had stories set up for season 5 or i feel they have more to be told. sarah and mikhail or just my wildcards.

  8. intolost says:

    My picks:
    Margo Shephard
    Marvin Candle

  9. PJSander says:

    [quote comment="237654"]Team name: Hammer’s Whisperers….LOL.

    ‘Cause they’ll all be whispering by the finale. :)[/quote]

    I think that is what D&C refer to as “the zombie season” eh, Hammer?


    : ) P

  10. intolost says:

    My pick discussion:

    Locke & Ben: just too critical to the series not to pick them

    Rose: due a Rose-centric ep.

    Walt: need to know what happened to him and what Locke told him—–can he/will he explain his appearances to Locke on-island?

    Margo: needs to intervene with Jack’s downward spiral and also let him know if she knew about Christian and Claire’s mom

    Rousseau: need a Rousseau-centric ep.

    Nadia: wish I hadn’t picked her now but maybe she’ll show up in visions/flashbacks and be relatively important to the story

    Candle: would soooo love to see a Candle ep.!!!—dying to know what became of him

  11. Hammer says:

    [quote comment="239577"][quote comment="237654"]Team name: Hammer’s Whisperers….LOL.

    ‘Cause they’ll all be whispering by the finale. :)[/quote]

    I think that is what D&C refer to as “the zombie season” eh, Hammer?


    : ) P[/quote]

    Yes ma’am/sir……..:)

  12. DocH says:

    I’m in. But not sharing my team picks or my brilliant strategy until they shut down the entry process.
    [8^| – - – You’ll see.

  13. intolost says:

    Aaaaawwwwwwwwww, Doc!!! Puhleeze??? Share! Share! Share! : )

  14. intolost says:

    Sharing is caring. Just kidding. Anything to give me my LOST fix. I’m dying here.

  15. lost4ever says:

    [quote comment="239846"]Sharing is caring. Just kidding. Anything to give me my LOST fix. I’m dying here.[/quote]
    Have you been to either of the little islands?

  16. intolost says:

    Little islands?????

  17. lost4ever says:

    [quote comment="239897"]Little islands?????[/quote]
    Have you read any of the previous threads?
    I would go back to a couple of the most recent threads and use the CTRL+F feature.

  18. intolost says:


  19. lost4ever says:

    [quote comment="240139"]????[/quote]
    I went back to the thread TNPLH 2&3 and used the search feature ( CTRL+F ) and typed in “little island” and this is the first comment I found.

    Comment 581, posted 1 month ago – Quote and reply
    PJSander wrote:

    Well, because it IS a fake planted by Widmore? LOL.

    No, I know I thought twice about it, and your idea did cross my mind. But we saw the photos of the empty graves, the bill of sale for the fake plane and Frank KNOWS the pilot wasn’t his friend, Seth.

    After everything we have seen since MKJ, I have to agree with you. Especially last week, when Sun introduces herslf to Widmore, and he acknowledges Paik Industries. He may not have known that control of Paik Industries had changed hands because he hasn’t needed to plant fake planes or dig up graves in awhile. :)

    I like the little island too. I hope you don’t mind me appearing there when this island gets too far gone. What the hell happened to DocH? Did Ben need him also to get back to the island?””

  20. lostfreak says:

    my team name is POP-TARTS-WITH-A-PAST!!!!!!!! and i really have no clue why.

    my team consists of my favorite characters and not of the characters of some strategy.
    some of my favorites are(you can guess from those)…juliet-ben-smokey-mr.friendly-sun-jin-ji yeon-hurley-rouseou-alex-libby-frank-leslie artz.

  21. DocH says:


    All those waiting – DON’T.

    Over 40 entries from here so far, and we are fairly high up on the list.

  22. PJSander says:

    I found it difficult to choose! In the end, I went with a theme, which I will keep to myself until the application process is complete.

    I don’t envy the folks who are going to keep up with all this stuff! LOL

    : ) P

  23. Miss Kim says:

    I’m in! Not too sure of my own strategy…..it made sense in my head….best of luck to everyone.

  24. lost4ever says:

    Lost is airing on Sci- Fi starting Monday, Sept. 15. They are going to show 4 episodes an evening, starting from the “PILOT” episode, airing at 7:00 P.M. They are going to conclude with the season 4 finale. By my count there have been a total of 85 possible hours. Please confirm or deny this count. According to IMDB, Season 1 had 24 one hour episodes, S2 had 22 one hour and a two hour finale ( 24 total hours ), S3 had 21 one hour episodes and a two hour finale ( 23 total hours ), and S4 had 12 one hour and a two hour finale ( 14 hours ). Is that all correct? If so that would make 21 weeks on Sci- Fi with an extra hour. Which would take us to Feb 2, 2009.

  25. lost4ever says:

    Looking at the calendar, if they are going to air 17 episodes next year without a “hiatus”, they would have to start Jan. 29, 2009 for the finale to be in next years sweepsweek. Unless they do a two hour finale, then they could start a week later Feb. 5. I sure hope they do not try to have a two-week break again in between the final episodes.

  26. DocH says:

    Registration is closed.

    The Lost Blog was 14 of 40 groups, with 52 entries.

    The LOST panel at Comic-Con gave some big clues as to who would get the big flashbacks next season. [I'm gonna do really good with my predictions.]

  27. DocH says:

    LOST Fantasy League Teams are posted at D-UFO
    A 0.8 meg Excel file has a list of everyone.
    - – - -
    Abyss Team
    Any Four Word Phrase
    Banner Hammers
    Bizzy Goodspeed
    Brotha Des
    DocH’s Waiting Room
    D’s a lost fan
    Enobeet’s team
    Geek Boy Press
    Get off my lawn !!!!
    Gup’s team
    Hammer’s Whisperers
    Home Run Derby
    Hurley’s Constant Curvature
    Island Movers Inc.
    Island Tigers
    Jasper Dog
    Linus is lost4ever
    Manic team
    Miss Kim’s Little Island Losties
    Mommy Lins Team
    Previously On Lost
    Remejy Thabmen
    Smokin Cookie Monsters
    SpiritMech’s Purgatorials
    Spunky Juicester
    Starla Dear
    Team 4 Toes One Big Giant Foot
    Team Intolost
    Team Upa
    The Aristocrats
    The Playful Powerful Penguins
    The Unknown Castaways
    They Moved The Island
    Tiffycat Dreams
    Trogdor 239

  28. mohammad reza says:

    hi,iam from iran.i saw four seasen lost i love that.i cant speak engelish very well.he he..im just like jin

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